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Buy Property With a View to Sell

“What on earth are you talking about?” Is the general response I normally face after giving people my number one […]

“What on earth are you talking about?” Is the general response I normally face after giving people my number one property purchasing tip.

“View property with a single thought in your mind. Is this property sellable?”

Let me go on and explain a little more about what on gods green earth I am on about.

Think back to the last time you looked around a property. Whether you know it or not, you had a set list of factors in your mind, that you needed the property to feature in order for your interest levels to grow to a higher enough level, for you to start desiring that property as your own.

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And if that property doesn’t match one of your potential requirements, your interest is likely to drop. Resulting in you unlikely to make any sort of approach for this property. Now when you’re the buyer this doesn’t really matter. You can search through thousands of properties until you find that one that is just perfect.

Sadly, when you’re a seller, you just don’t have this luxury. You have one property, and that properties location cannot be moved, and unless you have a lot of funds available, can’t really be modified a great amount either. Meaning you’re really only relying on somebody being interested in your home as it is.

And as a lot of Spanish property owners have found of late, a home that isn’t sellable, won’t sell. Many blame the recession, many blame the lack of money in the marketplace. But do not be fooled, buyers do still exist in Spain. But they are being incredibly picky as to what they require. And sadly if your home doesn’t meet their strict criteria, sadly you won’t get any interest in it.

Whether you’re a 90-year-old millionaire or a 20 something year old, scraping your last few coins together to finally buy a property. You always need to look at your exit strategy. Nobody is above having to sell a property. You never how your personal, social or financial situation may change, forcing your hand into having to sell.

Don’t limit yourself by buying somewhere for the sake of it. Buy somewhere that not only matches your criteria but the potential of others as well. Use this checklist as a rough guide –

How close are you to local amenities? Supermarkets, butchers, bakeries etc?
How close to a local primary or secondary school are you?
How loud is the area you are in?
Do you have nice views?
Do you have large rooms?
Are you near tourist areas or perhaps the sea?

Now yes of course no two people and no two properties are the same. Some people want to live in the country while others love the convenience of residing in a city centre. And sadly it’s not humanly possible to sell a single property that matches both of these factors.

Though there are certain elements which can increase the possibility of your home selling. Buy a home that you think others would like and appreciate, not just because you want to buy something, and get intertwined the chase of buying a home.

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