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Candy Bar Fundraiser: An Effortless and Reliable Campaign

Organizing a candy bar fundraiser offers an excellent way for an organization to reach their fundraising goals in a cheaper […]

Organizing a candy bar fundraiser offers an excellent way for an organization to reach their fundraising goals in a cheaper and sweeter way than other fundraising methods. Simply put, this method is easy, inexpensive and involves fun as well. After all, who doesn’t love candy bars? But what really makes this method great?

Why a Candy Bar Fundraiser is a Great Choice

Candy bars are things that most people love. Yes, love—more than just liking. In fact, they will gladly buy especially if they know they are helping out in some way. In addition, you can make sales to both kids and adults regardless of gender. It provides a cheap method to get people helping out your case—thanks to its cheap price (around 1-2$ per bar).

Candy bar fundraising can be used in almost all fundraising campaigns including church, school, and non-profit organizations. Moreover, it requires fewer volunteers than other types of sales and can be completed in a short time. Candy bars can also be sold throughout the year unlike seasonal items. However, you should choose a time when there are few or no fundraising campaigns going on in your local area.

Who May Benefit from a Candy Bar Fundraiser?

In short… everyone. The church choirs, for instance, may need new gowns, the students may need more books, and the sports team may need new training equipment. But due to financial constraints they may find it hard to buy these items. Fortunately, candy bar fundraising comes in handy.

With the continued success of candy bar fundraiser, you may be wondering how to overcome the competition. Nevertheless, you can run a successful campaign and make as much profit as possible.  But how is this actually achieved?

How to Maximize Candy Bar Fundraising Profit

The first step is to make sure you pick the right supplier. The sales team should, of course, know how to sell effectively. In any case, have them understand and rehearse a great sales pitch. But not only this, teach them and remind them to use good “selling manners” like saying thank you after making a sale. Because you never know, you might get another bar as a result.

Also, you might consider offering incentives to your sales team as a way of motivation. You can, for instance, reward the seller with the highest volume of sales. Trust me; this is a real winner especially if your team includes kids. And what about the person who buys large amounts? I say, give him an extra bonus like a discount card to a local store. This not only makes them feel good but also attracts more sales.

Appoint sales captain to keep track of the sales in certain areas or a group of volunteers. In addition, establish good table spots like outside shopping malls, churches, or local events such as sports tournaments. This can help you make mores sales in a single day than an individual seller in a month-long sales campaign.

Other fun benefits include giving out free candies and invitation to wrap-up parties. But don’t forget to promote your fundraising through advertisements, word of mouth from your sales team and even through the social media.

What to Avoid

Although finding a supplying company offering the biggest profit gains is good, look out for those supplying decent quality bars. Remember this simple fact: Whereas many venues can get away with low quality products, such is not tolerable with perishable items.  What ever you do, make sure the chocolate is delicious.  You may get away with a low quality sale the first time and still run a decent sale; nevertheless you will seriously handicap any future efforts to raise money this way.

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