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Catch Cheating Partner With CCTV

How can I catch my partner in the act of being unfaithful? If you believe your partner is cheating then […]

How can I catch my partner in the act of being unfaithful?
If you believe your partner is cheating then you need to get some proof so you can confront them. The best way to do this is to call a private detective who will talk to you about your situation and give you a solution to your problem. Our agents will talk you through how we can help you to get the proof you need. We have many tried and tested methods that we use to catch a cheating partner in the act.

I know he is always on the phone to her
Our client told us that her partner was always on the phone and he had a pin lock and it was always on him – even in the bath or shower. We asked if she was able to look at the phone at all and she told us it would be impossible. We asked how she knew he was cheating and she said that the whole of their relationship had changed since a particular woman had started to work with her partner. He had started to work later and at more weekends. He was even travelling on business now and our client suspected the woman was going with him. Every time she mentioned anything about the woman her partner would go mad.

CCTV will get some proof
We decided to fit a Covert CCTV system to the flat that the couple were living in. Our client told us that once it had been fitted she would go to her mother’s for a week so he would be alone at the flat and more likely to do something. As luck would have it he did do something. As soon as our client was out of the house he called his girlfriend and invited her around. He quickly cleaned the flat and hid all our client’s clothes and things.  By the time his new girlfriend arrived the flat looked like a bachelor pad. He cooked dinner for the woman and wined and dined her with no guilt what so ever.

Caught on Camera
The couple had an enjoyable evening which turned into an enjoyable night. The woman did not go home – far from it. She helped herself to a bath and pulled a sexy negligée from her handbag and paraded herself around the flat. The couple had sex all over the flat like there was no tomorrow. She spent the night in their bed and they both left for work the next morning. Our client was devastated by the video evidence and could not understand why her partner didn’t just finish the relationship if he fancied the other woman more.

Our client took the footage and made a copy of it to show her partner at work in front of the woman. She very coolly made an appointment with her partner and on the way into his office she invited the woman in as well. She took out her lap top and gave then a show of the evidence she had gathered of the two of them in full flow. Her partner has now moved out and is grovelling to his new girlfriend who knew nothing of our client.

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