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Catch Person Stealing From Workplace

A worried client A very worried client called into our office. He was a local small businessman who was sure […]

A worried client
A very worried client called into our office. He was a local small businessman who was sure that someone from his business was stealing from him but he could not prove who it was. The business employed fifteen people some worked in the office and others in the warehouse. The office was open from 09.00 – 17.00 hrs Monday to Friday and 08.00 – 12.00hrs on Saturday morning. Only a skeleton staff would be in on the Saturday especially in the office. The problem was also taking its toll on his private life as he felt he needed to be at the office all the time to try and catch the culprit. He was also reluctant to call the Police as he felt it was a family business and there must be some reason for the theft.

We can help you
We advised our client that we would like to visit the business and from there we would be able to put in place one of our tried and tested methods in which we could get to the bottom of the situation. We told our client that in most cases like this we would install a CCTV system and we would just look at the footage each day to see what has been going on at the office and in the warehouse. We advised our client not to tell anyone else from the business what we were going to do. We arranged to meet our client at the business during the night when he thought that no one else would be there.  Other members of staff had keys to the building and there was a possibility one of them could turn up.

CCTV Fitted
The detectives fitted the CCTV system in the office and the warehouse and luckily no one else arrived while we were doing it. We told our client that we would visit him again the next night at the same time to watch the footage with him to show him how it worked. Surprisingly there was quite a lot of information already on the video. One of the younger members of staff arrived at 04.00hrs and helped himself to some of the stationery and sweets from the main office. After his snack he went to sleep at his desk and only woke up 10 minutes before the start of work. Throughout the day people helped themselves to the charity sweets but didn’t put any money in the pot. People spent a lot of time chatting on personal calls and using the office computers for other personal activities.

The best thing he has ever bought 
Our client was shocked by what he saw. He had wondered what had happened about the charity sweet money and the stationery bill was gently getting more expensive every time but he thought it was inflation. Our client said he felt disappointed that he could no longer trust his staff and would wait to see what else went on while he was out of the office.

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