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Tata Aria Pure 4×2 – A Reimagined Script

Tata has been making vehicles for a long time. And since the very beginning, they actually were able to grab the attention of the market crowd. The Tata Aria has been the most important car from Tata since the release of Indica. This was supposed to be a mature and contemporary face of Tata and they expected this car to bring them international recognition. But however, the script didn’t turn out to be what ...

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4 Tips for Shopping for an Auto Loan

Getting a new car is one of the more exciting purchases we make; but, they are not cheap, and most of us need to secure some sort of financing to get those keys in hand. When considering a car loan, there are many factors to take into account to ensure you get the most favorable rate and that you are not over-extending yourself. Here are some tips for financing a vehicle. Make Sure Your Credit Report is in ...

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Land Rover Pushes 1,100 Jobs

British automobile company, Land Rover, pushes over 1,100 new job positions to the UK market thanks to many new advancements in automotive technology. These new technologies include the world’s first 9-speed automatic transmission, an electric-powered SUV, and a variety of luxury vehicles that are designed to push the limits of innovation. Land Rover, owned by Jaguar, has added these 1,100 job openings to a ...

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Buying a Car without Seeing it? Consider the Following Points

Buying a car is a big and somewhat emotional purchase. You want to have the best possible results when you buy a car and do make sure you have all the information on the car and the seller to protect yourself against possible scams or frauds. When buying a car without seeing it or when you are purchasing off eBay Motors or Craigslist you do have to do more research and checking then someone who is physicall ...

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Family Exploration Made Fun and Affordable

The rise in gas prices aren't going to put a hinder to sharing those family memories you once enjoyed as a child where the open road and a trusty map paved the way to your adventure.  The family road trip is an iconic right of passage for the father to lead his family safely down the road to discovery and collecting those building blocks to construct priceless memories. It is also a vital piece of one’s chi ...

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Dealerships Assess Damage after ‘Sandy’ Storm

The otherwise confident automotive dealers are uncertain of the future inventory, in the wake of the recent events taking place. The dealers are mainly worried about their supply of inventory and the way this would impact their sales. The first of the issues that might have effect on the supply of inventory is the biggest and the latest; The ‘Sandy’ Storm. Sandy has hit the East Coast hard and there has bee ...

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