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Top 10 Resume Tips To Get You The Interview

Your resume is your first and perhaps only chance to impress a potential employer. Even though resume writing is not all that glamorous, it can be one of the most important steps that can give you an instant blast of employer's attention and even more interview phone calls. Your resume is an advertisement at its best form and since you are marketing yourself, you have to be brief and effective. Here are 10 ...

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Top 3 Interview Tips For Nurse Managers

The duties of a nurse manager vary according to the hospital setting. Generally, nurse managers are responsible for hospital staff such as nurses, administrative officers and other medical staff. They are also responsible for payroll and staffing duties. Nurse Managers are therefore leaders in their own capacity and should be responsible for employee growth, ensuring that all hospital departments and units ...

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3 Effective Phys Ed Options For Homeschooling

Even in this day and age of rampant homeschooling, casual observers feel compelled to offer commentary on this education choice. "What about socialization?" they ask, frequently and with concerned faces. "What about physical education," comes their next question as these observers feel assured that homeschooled children cannot receive a proper physical education outside the confines of the public school sys ...

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Buying School Uniforms Made Easy

Buying school uniforms is one of the more unpleasant tasks parents face when it gets close to back to school time. Inevitably everyone goes shopping for the same thing at the same time, and your kids won’t be hugely keen on making it easier either. It can be harder if you have multiple kids in multiple schools, each with their own strictly laid out dress codes. Fortunately there are a few simple tricks that ...

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Do Online Universities Measure Up?

You would have to agree, one way to gain professional credibility is with a degree.  Online universities such as the University of Phoenix, Ashford University, UNSW MBT program or say Kaplan University might be the answer to obtaining a degree needed to make career progress. Many online universities including the ones previously mentioned are fully accredited and becoming better known.  Hybrid classroom/onl ...

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GCSE Marking Scandal

Much has changed on the education sector in the past decade. Students and classes have gone online, which is considered a welcome change. However, sometimes there are some instances that bring a bad name to the entire sector. This is what happened recently as the GCSE marking scandal was revealed. As per the reports revealed teachers were found to be inflating the marks of their students so that they get to ...

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