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The Top 5 Creative Cocktails To Start 2013 With A Bang

The New Year is always party season; from Christmas, through to New Year’s Eve and beyond, you’ll have countless get-togethers and nights out and you’re going to want to stop things from going stale and samey. Trying new drinks is a good way to get things going, but it can be difficult to get excited about a cocktail that you’ve never heard of or one that sounds particularly unappetising. Thankfully, novelt ...

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Restaurants In Kent

Restaurants in Kent are as varied as its tourist attractions, with specialties ranging from traditional English meals to Italian delicacies and other special cuisine. So any time you are in Kent and want to get a taste of what’s available, you can try any of the following: Delizie Di Mamma Mia This family-run restaurant offers a large selection of pasta dishes including Spaghetti Pomodoro E Basilico (classi ...

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Diet Foods That Don’t Taste Like Diet Foods

It's important that we say this here and now: largely, being on a diet completely sucks. Nobody likes to feel like they are denying themselves pleasure or indeed food that other people seem free to enjoy. This is one of the main reasons that most diets fail – nobody can perpetuate a life of self-denial without the cracks showing eventually. So, how do people lose weight if temptation is everywhere and absti ...

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Upside-Down Apple Cheese Pie

In my home, nothing says Sunday dinner party better than an upside-down apple cheese pie. It is always a very elegant dessert to serve and it makes your guests stare in marvel at the beautiful looking fresh pie. The name itself suggests elegance, delicacy and care. The upside-down apple cheese pie takes quite a long time to prepare and a little bit of practice. In fact, attention to detail and firm hand is ...

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The Issue of Taxing Foods

The food industry is tied upon the recent issue of taxing food items, which is now gaining prominence as more and more governments are thinking to introduce the taxes. The issue of taxing foods according to the nutrition that they provide is seen as a way to tackle the menace of obesity and curb the rising incidents of diet-related health problems. The taxes have been implemented in France, Hungary and Denm ...

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