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Avoiding DWI Trouble: Things To Remember When Hiring A DWI Lawyer

Drinking is as much a social function as it is a personal one, and you can never really predict when it will get you into trouble. Sure, it is innately a bad habit to pursue. But when refuse to accept a drink from a potential business partner or your father in law, it sends an underlying and misconstrued message disrespect, which obviously is not a sentiment you want to convey. In the social context, your b ...

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A Legal Perspective On Neighbors And Disputes About Tree Damage

Disputes over trees cause anger and conflict between neighbors every day. Sometimes, branches of a tree growing on one individual's property hang over another person's property, producing debris for the second individual. In other cases, roots grow into an adjacent property, causing damage to fences and landscaping. Still other times, an old tree threatens to fall, at which point it will crush a portion of ...

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Did A Dull Conference Venue Lead To Uninformative Obama Conference?

Why was President Obama listless, unimaginative and evasive during the first press conference following his thumping win over Mitt Romney? This was an occasion to celebrate. To be witty and informative. To inform the nation of what lies ahead. And, have fun. And, all Obama did was evade. Was it because of the dull, formally-draped, dry, and absolutely boring conference venue? Well, most observers would say ...

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The Case Of A Good Man Doing A Bad Thing

The case of Rajat Gupta is an extremely unique case as he was an extraordinary man who devoted his entire life for the betterment of his fellow humans, colleagues and all those who came into his contact. Yet he did something which is not at all acceptable. He did insider trading. Rajat Gupta, Board Member of the Goldman Sachs was accused of insider trading by disclosing vital non-public information of the c ...

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