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Outside The Tennis Posts

Tennis is a sport that can be played everywhere as long as you have lines, two tennis posts, a net and a surface that will let the ball bounce for at least a couple of times.  That sounds pretty easy right? Not everyone can afford this.  Most parks and recreational facilities do not have a tennis court.  It is likely to find a basketball court and any person can buy an inexpensive basketball and learn how t ...

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Paper Football: A Classic Game

One of children’s favorite things to do at school is play a game when all of their work is complete.  Many times the game of choice is Chinese Football or Paper Football.  There are many games to play, but football is fun. Making the Football There are sites where you can buy paper footballs, but if you are at school most likely you have an 8 ½ x 11 inch piece of paper with you.  Take the piece of paper and ...

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Courts of Edinburgh issued a Winding-Up Order for the Hearts Club

The Court of Session in the Edinburgh issued a winding up order against the Hearts since they have failed to pay back the bill amounting to £450,000 before the prescribed period of time. The order was basically because of the unpaid tax bill of £1.75m that the Hearts Foundations contesting at present. The Court has given a grace period of eight days for paying the VAT and the PAYE amounts that has been unpa ...

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Suspension from Nine Games for IU Freshmen Jurkin and Mosquera-Perea

The NCAA University announced the suspension of the Indiana freshmen Hanner Mosquera-Perea and Peter Jurkin from nine games. This was as a result of the outcome of improper benefits that they were suspected to have received from a coach from AAU while they were in the high school. Mark Adams is the coach from the AAU who offered these benefits for the freshmen players. Length of suspension was appealed by t ...

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Arsenal Wenger Wants Theo Walcott

After Tuesday night’s thrilling 7-5 Capital One Cup victory over Reading in which 23 year old Theo Walcott displayed his goal scoring hunger and threat by scoring a hat-trick, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants to retain the Englishman with his side. Although Theo Walcott’s contract with the side expires in January at the end of the season and the player and the club is at loggerheads over salary negotiations ...

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