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Choosing A Linear Shower Drain Instead Of A Traditional Drain Style

Linear Shower Drain

Designing or building a bathroom takes time and patience. If you’ve ever had experience with this type of project you know this first hand. You also understand the importance of having everything installed correctly, especially your shower drain. The most frequently used type of drain system, the traditional round drain, has been used for many years. It is generally installed in the center of the shower pan. Sounds simple enough, but it’s rather complex. Before you can install this type of drain system you first have to ensure that the floor of the shower is slanted in a downward direction toward the drain. This takes a certain level of skill in order to do so correctly. Because it is such a tedious process it will take longer to complete, costing you both time and money. However, a linear shower drain is much is easier to install.

Easier to Install

Linear drains are a type of trench drain that has a long and narrow look. They are most often installed in places where the need for excellent water drainage is necessary, such as a shower. Trench drain systems have a greater rate of water collection than traditional drains, making them an excellent choice. Linear shower drains don’t require that they be installed on a slope to function properly, making them less complicated to install. They can easily be placed on the side of a shower pan – so instead of the entire floor being slanted, only one side has to be slanted. There is no longer a need to calculate complicated angles in order to create a centered-sloped floor. Because it’s easier to complete, it’s also faster to complete.

Unique Design Ideas

In addition to the ease of their installation, this type of shower drain has a more cosmetically appealing look, making them easier to incorporate into elegant and creative designs. Since the linear drain is long and narrow it can be intertwined with large tiles or slabs to create a modern and fresh look in your shower. Unlike traditional built-in drain styles, you don’t have to stick to smaller tile sizes, you can even experiment with natural stones and other materials – your options are unlimited. Whether you’re installing a new shower or simply remodeling or upgrading an existing shower, a linear shower drain is an excellent option for design.

Helps Combat Mold

This type of drain option is also excellent when it comes to mold. A linear shower drain that has been installed properly can help you to combat the unwanted presence of mold because this type of drain system works to remove the water from inside the shower quickly and more efficiently. When this happens there is less humidity in the air. High levels of humidity are a major culprit when it comes to mold growth. Decreased humidity translates into a decrease in the occurrence of mold. There are a number of benefits when it comes to installing a linear shower drain instead of a traditional model. However, all of these benefits are dependent on how well the system is installed. Having your shower drain system installed by a professional is important to getting the most benefit out of the linear drain system.

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