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Complete List Of NBA Team YouTube Channels (2013)

If you love the NBA, you probably can’t get enough of your favorite team. Fortunately, even when a game’s not on or the season has come to an end, there’s still a way to get your fill of action. Because they’ve seen how much fans love the freedom to watch clips from any computer, smartphone or tablet, just about every NBA team now has an official YouTube channel.

The four NBA teams with the most views of the videos on their YouTube channels are the Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns. While the Warriors are on an impressive pace with close to ten million views, the Kings have actually double the number of views with nearly twenty million. It’s most likely thanks to the fact that they’ve uploaded over 4,000 videos for their fans to enjoy!

Unfortunately, if you’re a Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets or Los Angeles Lakers fan, while you can find plenty of individual clips on YouTube, you won’t be able to subscribe to your favorite team’s channel since it doesn’t currently exist. But if your team is one of the 27 others in the league, here are the links to each team’s official channel on YouTube, along with key stats about each channel:

Eastern Conference

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