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Computer forensics

Client sends in computer
If you have the unfortunate problem that you cannot get into your computer and all the photos and information you hold dear are possible lost to you forever? You could get lucky and have stumbled across our computer forensics page. All you need to do is send in the computer or laptop and we will examine it and like in 8 out of 10 situations we can either fix the machine or retrieve the information and put it on a memory card for you. Many people forget to back up their information. Many people who send their broken computers to us are really surprised that the computer has broken. It can be very distressing to lose all your baby photos or even wedding photos because you didn’t back up the information. Even losing your email contacts is a real pain; you don’t release how much you depend on them to communicate.

Analysis undertaken
The computer or laptop will be toughly inspected by our technical staff and a full report will be given to you telling you what is wrong with it and what the best possible recovery from the situation is. Most situations are reparable but spillages such as sugary coffee or full sugar coke are not. We have had a repair come in from laptop owners wife who has rescued the laptop from the hands of an excited toddler covered in chocolate milkshake – the laptop just about made it and I don’t think the wife admitted the accident to her husband!  Again people do not release how dangerous food can be when consumed around your computer. People eat their lunch over their computer every day and can’t understand why is full of crumbs and food oil. Buttons get stuck and don’t work properly – let alone the terrible smell of rotting food.

Problem solved
Once the problem is identified our technicians can start to repair the machine and or retrieve the lost information. In most cases the information or the laptop are as good as new and the device can be returned to the client. A quick spring clean and a tighten up of screws and nuts and the computer can be sent back to being abused again. If people where a little kinder to their machines the machines would be a little kinder to the human.

Computer returned to client
As an extra part of our service whenever we repair a computer we show the client how to back up all the information so that if this problem ever happens again it will not be such a shock to the client. Backing up the computer is easy and although it seems like a real chore it is so beneficial to you and your computer. Shutting down your computer at night can be all the rest if needs to be of service to you the next day and many more days to come. It will save money on repairs and should give you a longer shelf life.

As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator and can be contacted through Private Investigators   we are here to help you find the truth

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