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Construction and Parking Lot Maintenance of Storage Buildings

When it comes to Construction and Parking Lot design, the hardest industrial style building to develop and maintain is Storage facilities.  For one these facilities need to be designed around several accommodations, the Building and the Parking Lot.

First, the Parking Lot must be designed according to the land lot size and the building.  One firm that specializes in these Parking Lot designs and maintenance in Florida is All Paving and Sealcoating (855-735-7623 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 | Linkedin). With locations throughout Florida they have constructed, designed and maintained many of these parking lot from the blueprint phase onwards. The ongoing parking lot maintenance of these facilities is extremely important to the sustainability of the overall facility.

The design of these facilities is so important because they encounter moving trucks of different length and sizes everyday that need to be maneuvered every which way, needing space for their inexperience drivers and movers to operate.

These parking lots require constant repair to the Asphalt Pavement, Bollards, ADA and sidewalk ramps.  The asphalt pavement in these storage facilities needs constant repair because of the significant weight of moving trucks that frequent the parking lot. Since the majority of the individuals that are driving these moving trucks are inexperienced significant damages can occur to the building if preventative measures are not taken to stop the trucks from running into the building such as installing bollards and proper curbing.

ADA and Sidewalk ramps are damaged at storage facilities because of the frequent use by patrons and guest.  To prevent premature damage to these ramps storage facilities need to make sure the proper ramps are installed.  If a storage facility does not have the proper ramps installed with re-enforcement procedures in place in the concrete these ramps will need constant repairs. This will cause an on-going headache for both the storage company and their patrons.

Whether you are building a new construction storage facility or currently own and operate one the key is to make sure you do your due diligence in regards to the facility.  Find a Paving and Parking Lot specialist such as All Paving and Sealcoating, to provide you with a strategic plan for your current situation and future maintenance of the facility will definitely help you in the decision making process.

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