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Cool And Inspiring Suggestions To Spruce Up Your Attic

All the ideas are quite simple makeovers and do not require high expertise to ploy. Read further to know in […]

All the ideas are quite simple makeovers and do not require high expertise to ploy. Read further to know in detail.

If you are thinking to convert your attic area into a usable space, then you landed on the right page. Here are some cool and inspiring suggestions to help you deck up your attic area in an easy and modern way.

I have come across a number of homeowners, who tend to overlook the attic area often and most of them use it for stacking unwanted stuffs making it a storage area. We tend to stack old furniture pieces, broken appliances and unused stuffs in the attic area. Well, this might help free a lot of space in your living room, kitchen and bedroom, but have you ever thought of having an additional and functional room in your home. A place where you can stack stuffs in an organized way, unwind or relax, indulge in some serene reading time, entertainment or music.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it! Keep reading to find out how is this possible.


  • Stairs

Yes, start with the stairs. What about having a comfortable and better way to reach your attic? If there is lack of floor area, then I would suggest opting for foldable stairs that fold sideways. Yes, it doesn’t get wiser than this. Another cool idea is to opt for foldable stairs that fold up facing the ceiling. If you wish to convert the attic area in a game room or master bedroom, then it is always a smart thing to go for fixed chairs of superior quality to reach your attic.

  • Windows

Proper ventilation is necessary for every attic and it even uplifts the decor of the space. In fact, there are some outstanding ways to add windows in an attic space. Two imperative aspects to keep in mind here are air and natural light. Every attic tends to have sloping roof, which makes it a bit grim to have side windows. In addition, if your attic roof ends at around 4-5 feet above the flooring, then you may go for small sized glass windows.

Skylights too are wonderful options here. These lit up the entire space rendering a dramatic touch and feel to your otherwise gloomy attic. Placing the bed right below the skylight will further provide an extravagant feel.

Next, it is advisable to go for window blinds. These are available in a range of styles, materials and budgets to suit the needs and preferences of every homeowner. I would recommend you to play creatively with the blinds here. For skylights, it is good to have blinds of several shades that you can close to avert the light and open up to get that ambient night view or natural light.

  • Storage

Using the attic area for storing stuffs is something that we certainly cannot afford to miss. Nevertheless, you also cannot ignore those uneven nooks and walls. Here, a smart idea is to get closed cabinets or shelves to utilize such spaces. I prefer horizontal cabinets in my attic to cover those jagged walls or corners and just forget about the rear of these shelves or cabinets, as you got those walls behind them.

This helps to save money and makes the task easier as well. Usually, attics lack height and thus, cabinets may at times leave less space beneath for a person to stand. In such a case, you can place a small chair. You even can place a small study desk with drawers for additional storage.

  • More Suggestions

Limited or small space does not mean that you ought to overlook the flooring in your attic, as you can opt for some adorable small floral area rugs to deck up the floor. In addition, install some cool interior lighting fixtures. Make sure that the lighting complements the rugs, furniture and other home decor stuffs in the attic. You can even go for a magnificent chandelier lighting or decorative lamp. Further, painting the walls of attic in beige, off white and white color will create a spacious look.

If you wish to convert the attic space into bedroom, then opt for sofa bed to save space as well as serve the purpose.

I prefer surround myself with candles and some soothing wall-art in my attic to delve into a serene and soothing mood. A recliner would be icing on cake here.

Note that attic can serve as an excellent space for relaxation due to the serenity and composure it offers.

These are not the only suggestions, as you can explore your creative instincts and try to come up with more ideas to create a personal and lavish attic space.

Matt Walker enjoys enlightening the masses regarding some cool and new home decor tips and tricks. He is an expert interior designer and holds immense knowledge in the world of home decor and improvement. Of late, he is associated with rugs and blinds where you can skim through his recent write-ups.

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