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Creating Designs That Help Your Brand Stands Out

The 5Ps of marketing such as the product, price, place, promotion, and people are the basic five elements that make […]

The 5Ps of marketing such as the product, price, place, promotion, and people are the basic five elements that make or break your fortune in the business. Having said that, we mean, those five elements essentially work as catalysts for your success in the business. In other words, despite all other elements working fine for your business, your business will fail in the absence of the right kind of promotional mix. A promotion is a paid communication that summarily lets people know about you and your offers in the market. Here, market means both online and offline market. But, you are not alone there. That’s where companies like Bodi Design come to your rescue by creating out of box communication coupled with innovative graphic designs bespoke to your need.

Creating Designs That Help Your Brand Stands Out

All those put together indicates that the challenge here is to create something that helps your brand carve out a niche in the market and achieves a high brand salience. To do this effectively, your design partner, for instance, must have a thorough knowledge of the following.

  • Target group (TG):To begin here with the right mindset, it is important to mention that your product/service doesn’t appeal everyone in the market. Having said that, we mean, your product/service caters to a set of people who palpably feel that your product/service is the best that their money can buy in the market. In other words, your design partner like Bodi Design must be able to identify your TG accurately before jumping into the creative work.
  • TG’s language:A design has three basic elements namely image, logo, and the punchline that briefly describes the product/service. It means there would by default be some written message almost in every design. In other words, unless your design partner understands the language of your TG, it will fail to create a communication that will attract your TG.
  • TG’s tastes and preferences:Like five fingers of your hand, people have different tastes and preferences. That’s how you see multiple products/services that broadly cater to a segment such as the youth. If your product is for the youth, the campaign design and communication must be youth-centric and your design partner must know that in advance.
  • Where do they live:Choice of the medium to reach your TG is equally important. It means running your campaign on just any medium such as the electronics or outdoor will not serve your purpose here. Hence, your design partner must pick up a media or a combination of a few media such as the digital, magazines, newspapers, TV talk shows, and billboards, for instance, that will maximise your TG’s reach and attention.
  • Emotional intelligence:Your design partner should be able to create a magic using graphic designs and words, for instance, that will talk more about you befitting the TG’s coveted purpose. In other words, your design partner must be able to establish an emotional connection between your brand and TG.

Likewise, there are many things that you have to be careful about while choosing a graphic designing agency like Bodi Design. After all, it’s your ingenuity that will help you choose the best agency here.

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