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Do I need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Turning to the Internet to find a wrongful death lawyer is not as easy as shopping for a used car. Filing a wrongful death suit is done at a time when loved ones are emotionally shattered and are vulnerable. Examining an attorney’s tract record and trying to determine if they work well with the emotional needs of their clients is not as easy as looking under the hood of a Dodge and checking the tires. Finding an aggressive lawyer with years of experience in the courtroom, and who has an exceptional track record, is key to making this process run as smoothly as possible. When investigating a lawyer’s website such as the one at, you will want to try to familiarize yourself with him/her as best you can, and then pick up the phone and make that call.

Time matters

Almost everyone is unaware of his or her rights when it comes to filing a wrongful death suit. Statute of limitations can actually prevent people from seeking compensation. Many victims will want to emotionally recover from the death of their loved one before pursuing legal action. However, you are endangering your chances of getting a full settlement. If you run out of time, you will in essence be forfeiting your right to get compensated. Insurance companies have entire legal teams who know that emotionally shattered people have the desire to wait before taking action, and they will exploit you for this. By finding an aggressive lawyer in a timely manner who has an impeccable record in facing defendants who take on the semblance of vultures, you will be putting yourself in the best situation possible to ensure you get a full settlement and that justice is served.

Another reason why you will want to contact a lawyer immediately is because, more than likely, an investigation will be ensue. These investigations can take time, and in some cases the defendant’s legal team can purposely drag them out. Having a good lawyer in your corner will force the investigation to continue at a steady pace with consideration to planned deadlines.

Can I win a settlement against a corporate giant?

Absolutely! No matter how large and powerful the other party is, they are subject to the same laws we are. Imagine a woman suing Boeing and Lockhead Martin while overruling a claim by the US Air Force? Noot only did it happen, she won. In an article published by ABC News the author reports how Anna Haney, widow to Air Force pilot Captain Jeff Haney, sued the aerospace giant over the wrongful death of her late husband who was killed in a jet crash. At first Air Force investigators stated that Capt. Haney was at fault for the crash in which his jet crashed into the Alaskan countryside at the speed of sound. However, the efforts of his widow’s lawsuit proved that the jet malfunctioned in which the pilot’s oxygen was shut off and the censors failed to work, thus causing him to lose consciousness and crash. More than likely, you will not be filing a wrongful death suit against the industry leader of aerospace or attacking the findings of the US Government. However, Anna Haney did, and she won, so if you ever start to feel like it isn’t worth it for you to sue another party due to their size and the money they have backing them, do not retreat. Contact a wrongful death lawyer, and start the ball of justice rolling.

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