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Do You Need Flash For Your Website?

Flash is known to add liveliness to a website. But, some websites require it while others do not. Before you […]

Flash is known to add liveliness to a website. But, some websites require it while others do not. Before you apply Flash to your website it is necessary to analyze certain aspects to know whether you require this remarkable technology or not. Each available tool need not be used for every application.


There are some things you need to look at before applying Flash to your website. These include – 

1. Communication with audience

Find whether your website requires the Flash elements. Find whether it will help to effectively communicate with your audience. Analyze what are the requirements of users and difficulties they face. Then only you will be able to take a right decision.

If the application of Flash animation to a website annoys the audience and hampers your communication with them then you should always avoid it. But if the animation is subtle and gets better user experience then you should always go for it.

2. Plug-in availability

A good proportion of people have the plug-in for Flash. But there are still others who do not have it. Lots of people have it because of the fact that Flash plug-ins are coming with browsers. The antiquated version will not be able to get the desired results and responses.

3. Downloading time

You can surely optimize the Flash. But, there are still some websites which take time for loading it. The target audience is often not patient to wait for the time for the loading of Flash website. Those having slow internet connection would find it even more annoying. It would be a complete turn off for them.

4. Flash or HTML

Find the purpose of your static or HTML website. Those who want to add the most driving and interactive element for engaging the audience can surely go for Flash. This is because it really helps in such a scenario.

5. Flash and search engine rankings

The excessive use of Flash elements on a website would impact the search engine ranking of it. If you want to focus on search engine rankings then you should not use Flash excessively for your websites.

6. Non-vector graphics

The processing of Flash to non-vector imagery like photographs is tough. When you use Flash animation then these imagery and graphics need to be reduced. There is no feature in Flash for storing graphics. So you need to again load it every time and this becomes a considerable task. This does not give a right impression considering the different demands of users. You can surely use HTML for storing images to attain easy retrieval. So you need to decide which aspect you want to focus upon in your website.

From this discussion we see that Flash does not give the ideal solution to each website. Decide what you want by considering these factors and then only take a final decision. A proper research would really help to select the perfect tool and technique for your website. A thorough analysis of a website helps to make it get ahead at a smooth pace.

Author Bio – John is a content writer and enjoys writing on web designing topics. He emphasized to cover this topic on Flash needed for a website in an intriguing way. You can PSD to HTML5 conversion to realize some delightful results.

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