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Don’t Get Caught In The Storm Unprepared

With the recent events that are happening in the country, is it not time to consider becoming prepared for the […]

With the recent events that are happening in the country, is it not time to consider becoming prepared for the worse. It is evident that there is a climate change happening to the world. The massive storm on the east coast is just one tragic event that has happened in the world.

When tragic storms bluster into our lives, they can leave a pathway of destruction and hardship. The streets may flood, people can become trapped, and homes are destroyed; these are some of the bad situations that can take place during a storm.

During Hurricane Sandy, millions went without power, some for over a week. Having no power can be difficult, there are no lights so you may be sitting in the dark, food can spoil but you can’t cook food. Depending on where you live, you may be able to run water, meaning there is no showering, washing dishes or clothes, or flushing the toilet.

Have Your Home Ready

There are measures that can be taken to ease the hardships that accompany a storm. By having emergency supplies, like blankets, water, food, and a medical kit, you will be prepared in your home for mildly harsh storm weather.

  • Blankets – Have a supply of blankets can keep you warm and limit amount of complaining from others. In addition, they are comforting.
  • Water – Have a supply of clean water is necessary in case there is no running water
  • Food – Store nonperishable food that doesn’t require cooking
  • Medical Kit – Have a medical kit in case of injury. Hopefully, it won’t need to be used but it is always better to be prepared.
  • Board Games – Have entertainment. It may seem silly, but you may not know how long you will be sitting there waiting for a storm to calm and games can keep you occupied while you wait

The best item that you can purchase before a storm hits is a back-up generator. It could mean the difference when it comes to cooking, having light, staying warm, and having water. A generator can give power to items of necessity.

Even though the power from a generator can be limited during a power outage, you can still have power for appliances, lighting, and hot water. If you have a back-up generator, it is still wise to have the items listed above in case for any reason your back-up generator fails.

When a storm hits, it is necessary to be prepared, but all the preparation in the world may not be enough if a storm is strong enough. Do not be delusional in thinking that you can ride out a Category 5 hurricane sweeps through your town. The floods will not sweep you to some beautiful paradise. The twister is not dropping you off in Oz. If there is a warning of extreme weather coming your way, pack up and go where the storm will not hit.

In an area where effects of a storm are present but not severe, the preparation tips above are suggested to help with getting through the disasters that are thrown our way. Be prepared when it comes to protected yourself and home for a storm.

Alysha Webster

Alysha Webster writes on behalf of Quality Home Products, supplying the city of Houston generators since 1989. Webster has been writing for the home improvement industry for three months. When it rains, she enjoys watching it from her window.

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