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Effects Of Different Types Of Roof Tiles On Home Designs

Whatever style of roof the homeowner would want will depend on what is preferred by the homeowner and the budget. There are many to choose from. The most common type of roof is the asphalt shingles. It’s very affordable and easy to install. The homeowner can buy them in many different colors and they well with any style of a home. They are also fire-resistant which is a plus and the roof design will look great once it’s finished. The down side of this type of roof is the high winds. Once the high winds hit, the shingles are likely to tear off. The average life span of asphalt shingles is fifteen to thirty years.

Another type of roof is the wooden shakes. They come available to the homeowner in a different variety of woods such as cedar, redwood and even pine. These roofs are energy-efficient because the wood acts like an insulator. The air circulates under the shakes so that will give it better ventilation under the roof. This type of roof is susceptible to any wood rotting and it might get damaged from insects. As long as the roof gets taken care of and checked routinely, there shouldn’t be any problems at all. The homeowner can have any type of roof design with the wooden shakes.

If the homeowner wants to go with a clay tile roof, that might be a better choice. These roof tiles will last a number of years as it’s not going to rot, there won’t be any trouble with insects and it won’t burn. If the decision is to go for the light-colored clay tiles they are going to reflect the sun’s heat. This is going to make the home very cool and that will be much more energy-efficient. Only use the clay roof tiles if the house can support them as the roof tiles are very heavy. If someone needs to get on the roof, these tiles can be easily broken.

There are slate roofs that are about the same as the clay tiles but this type of roof will last for a century or longer. Just like the clay tiles as far as their weight, the homes have to be able to withstand have this heavy roof. The homeowner will find that slate roofs, no matter what the roof design, are more costly in price and there isn’t a color choice because it is of a natural stone. If the homeowner finds an interest in a metal roof, they might be choosing it because it’s eye-catching. Metal is a lighter type roof and is invulnerable to any type of burning or rotting. It is excellent when it comes to heat reflecting plus it is low in maintenance. If the homeowner wants to compare other types of roofs with the metal roof they will see that it’s going to be very costly. If it’s time for a new roof, visit and have a look around before buying a roof.

McMillian Zhou writes on home designs using polycarbonate and laminated glass. For more on these topics, visit Supercool Awning Malaysia.

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