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Family Exploration Made Fun and Affordable

The rise in gas prices aren’t going to put a hinder to sharing those family memories you once enjoyed as a child […]

The rise in gas prices aren’t going to put a hinder to sharing those family memories you once enjoyed as a child where the open road and a trusty map paved the way to your adventure.  The family road trip is an iconic right of passage for the father to lead his family safely down the road to discovery and collecting those building blocks to construct priceless memories. It is also a vital piece of one’s childhood, as it is often the first glimpse a child will get of the larger world. The RV is starting to lose ground as being the vehicle of choice—the gas to power one of these monsters across country costs a small fortune. Furthermore, in many cases, RVs don’t provide the genuine feeling that you are truly away from home. However, GMC Conversion Vans provide enough space for comfortable living conditions on the road, are affordable on gas, and carry on the tradition of customizing vehicles that cater to the needs of the family road trip.

Your Life, Your Options

When purchasing a conversion van, you will want to make sure that you are getting a space that you and your family can comfortably live in for days or weeks at a time. In essence, if you are comfortable taking it on camping trips, then it will be just as comfortable out on the open road. In a camping article written by Steve Gillman, he argues that conversions vans offer the ultimate in camping experiences. He states the fact that traveling in a conversion van costs less than in an RV. Gillman states that he averaged 18 miles per gallon across country (most RVs would be lucky to get half that). He also says that maintaining a conversion van is much cheaper than that of an RV, and he and his family found traveling to be easier, as he was able to park his van anywhere and not be restricted by the large, imposing RV and the space it requires.

The author stresses the importance of making use of space, and ensuring comfort. For him and his wife, this meant having enough room to walk around, but also having comfortable seating and a bed. The author had the two middle seats removed for room to dress and cook, and the bench-seat in the back folded out into a bed. Make sure your conversion van, be it new or pre-owned, will accommodate your needs. If you are a scuba diver, ask your conversion van dealer where the tanks and equipment will be stored. Or if you are a family that loves to fish, inquire about something functional that offers cooking space for preparing your catch, and storing your gear. Or perhaps you don’t partake in many hobbies, and for you it is all about exploring the country and visiting those historical must-see spots. In this case, having more room freed up from storage needs may be the way to go. But at the end of the day, any reputable conversion van dealership will have friendly staff on hand to help you and your family find the perfect vehicle to meet your unique needs.

Live Life to its Fullest 

Remember, when you and the family are on your exciting road trip, you aren’t just taking a break from work or school—you are building precious memories that will forever last in the hearts and minds of those dearest to you. Finding the best conversion van will help form and bond these memories, and guarantee you the most of your much loved family vacations on the road.

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