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Finding The Right Finishing Touches Can Make A Room Complete

If you have spent days transforming your bedroom and many weeks if not months prior to the job deciding and […]

tarka-pine-bedroom-and-livingIf you have spent days transforming your bedroom and many weeks if not months prior to the job deciding and researching colours, it would be silly to just move your old accessories in as they were. Taking a moment to consider the finishing touches to a room can complete the look to perfection.

Colour Co-ordination Is Key
After buying colour swatches and testing out a variety of shades on your walls before plumping for the correct shade, your existing bedroom furniture, carpets, curtains and accessories may no longer fit in with the colour scheme. There can be nothing worse than having a room which is almost perfectly co-ordinated, but falls down at the last moment due to an old set of curtains which doesn’t match, or a lampshade which looks like it has been left there due to an oversight. Many suppliers make matching or complementary curtains and lampshades for example, allowing you to create a unified feel across your room.

Furniture Big And Small
A new paint job in a room can often make in necessary to replace existing pieces of furniture. Whilst in most cases, the big pieces such as beds and wardrobes will be able to withstand many remodelling jobs, due to their neutral design, if you have particularly esoteric bedroom furniture, or your new design is on the extreme side, you may need to replace even these pieces. Replacing other pieces need not break the bank, with items such as a variety of cheap bedside cabinets being available either new or from reclamation specialists or flea markets.

Customisation To Fit The Theme
If, at the end of the redecoration project, all you have left in your budget is enough to enable you to choose from a variety of cheap bedside cabinets, it can be simple and economical to customise them to fit in with the rest of your bedroom’s theme. By using any leftover gloss used to paint the skirting boards and other woodwork in the room to paint the new cabinets, they will immediately look at home in the room. A similar technique can be used when installing new shelves or replacing shelves that were in the room to begin with.

Other Finishing Touches
somerset-oak-bedroomWhen the main body of the room has been completed, there may still be extra work necessary in order to make the room look and feel finished. If you have a theme in mind (especially when decorating a child’s bedroom), accessories to suit that theme will help make the whole room seem unified and well thought out. This could be in the form of posters or other wall hangings, ornaments or even a rug.

In making decorative choices in your bedroom, you can show off your personality without breaking the bank. With a range of techniques available to customise a variety of cheap bedside cabinets, it can be easy to create a unified feel throughout the room. Deciding on a theme for the room can help make the decision making far easier.

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