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Finer Options For The Best Lawyers For You

It is sometimes wrongly said that consulting a lawyer is too expensive. The lawyer is thus sometimes considered as a […]

It is sometimes wrongly said that consulting a lawyer is too expensive. The lawyer is thus sometimes considered as a solution of last resort. The lawyer should not be reduced to a role of “emergency lawyer”. In an information society where advice, good or bad, is proliferating, and where the legal advice provided by non-lawyers (called “law pirates”) is swarming, only lawyers can advise you and to help you to act in legal matters, in all confidentiality and deontology. The use of the icbc lawyer vancouver comes perfectly in this case.

Know everything

  • The fee for a lawyer’s consultation is similar to that of a doctor’s consultation
  • It is sometimes conveyed the idea that a lawyer is expensive since access to the Profession requires years of advanced intellectual and technical studies and obtaining certified skills.
  • The objective reality of the cost facts tends to show the opposite, as lawyer consultation rates are rarely higher than those charged by specialists at an equal perimeter.
  • For an office lawyer consultation of about thirty minutes, count between 50 and 150 euros on average, an average cost comparable to the specialist doctor who keeps you about fifteen minutes in consultation.
  • It should also be noted that in some branches of the law, lawyers sometimes offer the first consultation to their firm (free lawyer consultation).

Clear and unsurprising prices for the first consultation

On, you will be able to get in touch with lawyers whose rates are higher or lower (they vary according to the field of activity, the fame of the firm, the expertise). The choice of your lawyer should not be based solely on fees depending on the nature of your problem, it is sometimes best to choose a lawyer with all the characteristics that you think are key in the defense of your interests, even if the cost is higher. Nevertheless, to facilitate access to the law, lawyers have imagined on innovative solutions with a simple, transparent and accessible pricing for the first levels of care: from 20 € for a telephone consultation of ten of minutes with a lawyer, from 50 € for a consultation in a law firm near you, from 15 $ for a written legal question to which a lawyer answers.

Consulting a lawyer often avoids very costly mistakes

This accessibility of lawyers allows individuals and entrepreneurs to anticipate and avoid errors whose legal consequences can be heavy. There is indeed a real “hidden cost” related to not being advised and defended by a lawyer cost that most of those who made this choice pay ten times thereafter! Indeed, many of our actions in our personal and professional lives are in fact legal acts, agreements, and contracts, which in essence, therefore, have legal consequences whose financial, patrimonial and human implications can be extremely heavy.


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