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If you’re trying to take care of your health and fitness at the moment, then you will understand just how […]

If you’re trying to take care of your health and fitness at the moment, then you will understand just how important it is to be able to know how many calories you’re burning whilst you’re exercising. It can be hard to track these because it depends on how much effort you’re putting into it, and this means that it is good to use a device like the FitBit.

How It Works
It works by being attached to your clothing, and it measures your heart rate during the course of the day. When you exercise, your heart rate will increase, and this means it is a lot easier to track the number of calories that you’re burning than it would have been if you just tried to work it out yourself.

GPS Running Watch Vs App
FitBit works in a similar way to a GPS watch. Even entry levels watches like the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 or the Suunto Ambit can track calorie expenditure, but they can be pricy and difficult to use. The Soleus Fit 1.0 is the cheapest GPS watch on the market but even at $90 it still cannot match the low price tag of apps such as Fit Bit despite generating good reviews.

Step Tracking
In addition to the number of calories burned, the device also tracks the number of steps that you make on a daily basis. From this, you can work out the overall distance that you travelling.

Share Your Workouts Over The Internet
If you wish, you can view your individual statistics on the FitBit website, as the device can plug into a computer and send all of the information that it collects about you to your account on the internet. If you are a member of, you are also able to share what you have done with your friends. This feature works in much the same way as the Soleus or Garmin online portals where you can share and upload your workouts. This is good encouragement, as it means that you are able to compare your exercise with the amount that other people have done.

Calculate Your Correct Calorie Intake
One thing that this might be useful for is calculating how many calories you should be eating. Ideally, you should be eating around the same number of calories that you burn per day, as this means that you would be able to maintain your current weight. If you are trying to lose weight then you should eat a little less than what you burn, and you should find that this results in a gradual downward weight over time.

If you are attempting to make a positive change to your life, then you will know just how important it is to be able to work out the numbers without having to spend too much time on it. The FitBit literally gives you what you need to know without making it complicated, and this means that the only thing that you have to worry about is doing the exercise without having to count up a lot of numbers in addition to this.

This article reviewing the FitBit APP and comparing it to the Soleus GPS Fit 1.0 was contributed by Sam from, a running website from a London blogger. Thanks for reading. If you would like to find out more on fitness apps or social media then this website provides some great articles. IF you are interested in taking your fitness to the next level with the help of fitness apps then the Runners World website offers an array of resources aimed at getting you off the couch and into your running shoes!

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