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Florida Beer Tours: 4 Tips To Planning A DUI – Free Trip

Florida Beer Tours: 4 Tips to Planning a DUI-Free Trip For beer lovers, there are few things more fun than […]

Florida Beer Tours: 4 Tips to Planning a DUI-Free Trip

For beer lovers, there are few things more fun than finding out about new and exotic lagers. Watching the beer being made from raw ingredients placed into large steel vats can be a fascinating learning experience. Most every tour includes several free samples with the possibility of having additional samples and purchasing beer to go. Below are 4 tips on how to plan for the best and most responsible beer tour trip possible.

1. Prepare Properly

Get plenty of sleep before venturing out. Be sure to understand exactly what the tour includes. For instance, some places require that a reservation be made, while others may not.

Most breweries include beer making, however, some may only include a few samples, free of charge. Asking about all of the particulars ahead of time will make it easier to prepare and to avoid disappointments.

Consider scheduling the trip during the off-hours. In this way not so much time is wasted on the road. For example, avoid the crowds over weekends and holidays. Perhaps go on a quiet Sunday afternoon and have a picnic in the outdoors before the tour, if possible. Planning ahead will also make it easier to refrain from drinking and driving by arranging to take a limo or cab service to and from the event or tour. For added safety and enjoyment, arrange for lodging in the area, even if it is relatively close to home.

2. Arrive Early –

This is important since tours that do not require reservations tend to fill up very quickly and often sell out. For instance, go to obtain tickets for a tour and then have a nice meal either at the venue or another nearby restaurant. By eating beforehand, there is less chance that the few shots of beer ingested will make someone unsuitable to drive. There is usually a lot of walking required for these activities, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes to make the visit as pleasant as possible.

3. Local Fairs and Festivals –

Events, such as the Florida International Beer Festival, occur annually on different dates in downtown Orlando. Other regions in Florida host beer festivals all year long. For example, this October, Tampa’s Hyde Park Village hosts their annual Fall Festival & Craft Beer BREWhaha, and in addition to other holiday oriented activities, this event also provides a family fright night.

As with everything, safety should be paramount. So that everyone can enjoy these lively affairs safely, consider having a designated driver for the ride home, otherwise you may have to contact a Tampa DUI attorney if you are pulled over by law enforcement and charged with driving under the influence.

4. Consider Local Breweries

This is a wonderful option if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Consider going on a tour of local breweries and other events at times when specials are offered, such as during the week. On many days, live music will make the experience much more festive and enjoyable.

If you are not sure what to sample, order what is called a flight, an option that usually consists of a tray full of several signature beers. Take the time to find out about each beer by looking over the label or asking the bartender or tour guide. Doing this makes it easier to decide what to purchase at the end of the tour if that is the plan.

Finally, visiting hidden gems on short road trips to see the many free breweries is a great way to entertain out of town relatives and guests. However, no one should take the risk of getting into an accident and being charged with driving under the influence (DUI). Remember that, given the low legal alcohol limits, the odds of being charged with this offense are much higher than ever before.

Rather than deal with the potential medical trauma and lifelong costs of a DUI, consider the above mentioned tip – proper planning. You can arrange to stay overnight or take a limo or taxi so that the experience is as enjoyable and carefree as possible for everyone.

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Jamica Bell is a freelancer and avid traveler. She contributes this article to highlight some of the exciting ways to enjoy Florida while steering clear of alcohol related troubles. David S. Katz is a Tampa DUI attorney who is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of individuals charged with driving under the influence. Using his immense experience, he works diligently to provide answers and resolve for his clients.

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