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Fluoridated Public Water – A Delayed Lethal Injection

The battle against fluoridated water continues as we learn more-and-more about what this chemical actually does. History Studies, as early […]

The battle against fluoridated water continues as we learn more-and-more about what this chemical actually does.

Studies, as early as 1961 – discovered that fluoride was a lethal substance, and that even though it’s obtained naturally from nature. The concentrations in the water supply, which is added with the intention of supporting strong teeth and bones – can actually be lethal. Even the Nazi employed fluoride in their water to “subdue” the Jews in the German concentration camps.

The Chemical
You need to bear in mind that we are NOT referring to naturally occurring fluoride. The naturally occurring form of fluoride, Calcium fluoride – is completely non- toxic. But Calcium Fluoride isn’t used to fluoridate water, and isn’t used in toothpaste. The medium used to fluoridate the public water supply, Sodium Fluoride and Fluorosalicic acid, are by-products of industrial processes that are so extremely toxic – that they are employed in rat poison. This is the type of fluoride in your water supply. This is toxic fluoride what I am referring to throughout this article.

Recent studies are also discovering that people are experiencing weight gain, which is triggered by the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland triggers weight gain by producing phoney hormones, as a result of fluoride. One can also become, depressed, fatigued or even lose your hair. This all happens simply because the artificially introduced fluoride hinders the iodine receptors within the thyroid gland.

Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland to create Thyroxin, which is the metabolism encouraging hormone. These phoney hormones, which is created by a blocked thyroid – is measured as Thyroxin in the blood. This makes a diagnosis virtually impossible.

All these factors lead to increased weight, particularly if you are on one of those diets which require you to drink lots of water. Also keep in mind that household water filters, like Brita or Pur – doesn’t remove fluoride. If you would like to remove fluoride from your drinking water, there are a few options available to you. You can purchase a ceramic purification filter or a reverse osmosis filter system. You can also avoid the problem by drinking only fluoride free, bottled water. There are quite a number of water companies that provide water which is free of fluoride.

Subsequently, you will need to restore your thyroid gland to function as normal. Try to consume more iodine-rich foods like shrimp, potatoes, eggs, fish, or seaweed. Eating a enough of these foods each day will help restore normal iodine levels, to supply your thyroid with what it needs to kick-start your metabolism. Always consult to your medical practitioner to see if you are suffering from an over-or-under active thyroid gland.

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