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General Lemon Law

The Lemon Law is a legislation addition imposed in some states, with the purpose of helping vehicle owners that have […]

lemon lawThe Lemon Law is a legislation addition imposed in some states, with the purpose of helping vehicle owners that have problems with repairing for their cars. With the help of this law, the owner of the vehicle is allowed to cease payments or lease rates for the respective vehicle until he manages to cover the expenses for the reparation.

 How you could claim the Lemon Law

The Lemon Law can be invoked by any person with a simple claim at the local Attorney’s office. Filing the claim is free of charges. However, the claimant must continue to pay the rates until the request is approved or denied.

 Requirements or restrictions

There are several limitations for people that own a motor home, when it comes to the Lemon Law. The restrictions are different from one state to the other, so you should check if you are entitled to claim this facility at the Lemon Law Administration Office.

The law applies to the majority of vehicles, purchased in the state where the law is applied. Several types of engines are not covered, such as motorcycles with an engine larger than 750 cubic centimeters, and trucks with gross weight rating of over 19 000 lbs.

Moreover, a vehicle that is a part of a fleet of a company that owns at least 10 other vehicles can’t be the subject of the Lemon Law.

It is possible to claim this law even if you are not the owner of the vehicle, which is great especially for owners that bought the vehicle with leasing or loan.

 Which vehicles qualify

Any vehicle that has significant defects, or if there were a reasonable number of failed attempts to repair the car. If the reparations are covered by warranty, the Lemon Law can’t be invoked. Moreover, the Lemon Law only applies for defects that put the life of the driver and of other traffic participants in danger. The number of failed attempts to repair the car is different from one category of vehicles to the other.

The arbitration court must establish the “reasonable” number of repairing attempts, as well as the type of defect. It is important to have a good repairing history if you want t qualify for the Lemon Law.

The Serious Safety Defect is a problem appeared to your car, that could affect the ability of the driver to control the vehicle, or which puts the life of the driver into danger.


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