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Each sport has its level of competition where players can really become immortal and famous by their incredible talent, persistency and intelligence. If we’re talking about tennis, then we are definitely talking about the Grand Slams.

In both, women and men’s competition winning the Grand Slam is a dream of every tennis player in the world. To watch a player who takes the throne is de facto confirmation that the particular player succeeded. Don’t miss a thing – watch tennis live stream – powered by!

Australian Open held in January, Roland Garros (French Open) held in May  /June, Wimbledon (British Open) held in June/July and US Open – held in August/September are four Grand Slams (also called Majors) of the season. Each tournament lasts more than two weeks – on different tennis surfaces. Australian Open and US Open are hard court surface tournaments, while Wimbledon is played on the grass with Roland Garros on clay. It all began in London, UK in 1877 when Wimbledon was launched, followed by US Open 1881.

If you are wondering what does the term Grand Slam refers to, the answer is quite simple – taking the title in all four championships during the single season. Is there anything on the top of that? Surprisingly, there is! The Golden Grand Slam is combination of winning a single season of four tournaments… With a gold medal at the Olympic Games! Who is going to be the next champion of your favorite Grand Slam tournament? Check it out at!

A Best Grand Slam player in history (up to this point) is Roger Federer with amazing 17 titles, followed by Pete Sampras (14 titles) and Rafael Nadal (13titles). In women’s competition Grand Slam champion is the Australian player Margaret Court with unbelievable 24 titles! Right behind her is Steffi Graf with 22, followed by Hellen Wills Moody (19).

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