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Great Ways To Entertain A Client In Northampton

Entertaining clients is not always easy, especially if they are from a different country and don’t speak much English, but […]

Entertaining clients is not always easy, especially if they are from a different country and don’t speak much English, but it does make good business sense to keep them happy and show them a good time while they are staying in serviced apartments in the Northampton area. You don’t necessarily need to go overboard and take your clients to the nearest lap dancing club for an alcohol fuelled evening of debauchery, but a nice meal out in a restaurant followed by a few drinks in a wine bar is probably the minimum level of hospitality you should offer.

Eat Out in Northampton
Northampton has an excellent selection of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes, ranging from Michelin starred eateries to popular fast food chains. Like many regional towns, when you eat out in Northampton, you can choose from a wide variety of different world cuisines, including traditional British food made from locally sourced produce, to European food such as Greek and Italian. You can also eat out in Indian, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants when in Northampton. So ask your client what kind of menu they fancy or stick to popular Italian or Indian cuisine – and if you choose to eat out over the Christmas period, find a restaurant serving a festive menu.

Take Your Clients to the theatre
Northampton is blessed with one of the finest theatrical and performing arts venues in the area: the Royal & Derngate. From live music and comedy to theatrical productions and art house films, there is always something worth watching at the Royal & Derngate, so if you have clients to entertain, check out the current listings on the venue website.

Live Music in Northampton
Northampton regularly attracts some of the biggest names in the pop and rock world, so no matter what your musical tastes are, there will probably be a band playing you like the sound of. And if you have plenty of advance warning that your clients will be staying in serviced apartments in Northampton in a few months’ time, see if you can secure some tickets for a big name act to impress them.

Real Ale in a Real Pub
A night out in Northampton would not be complete without a pint of real ale in a traditional English pub – unless you or your clients are tee-total of course! But if you’re not and your idea of a great evening includes a few pints of some weird and wonderful ale with an interesting name, there are plenty of pubs to choose from in Northampton, many of which also serve food if you need something to soak up the alcohol.

Cocktail or Wine Bars
For a classy night out in Northampton, take clients to a wine bar or let them work their way through the cocktail menu somewhere fancy – you can always claim it back on expenses.

Go Night Clubbing in Northampton
Night clubs are not everyone’s idea of a great night out, but if you are entertaining younger clients (or clients who like to think they are still young), a few hours in a Northampton night club may just be the ticket. You can sit in a dark corner trying to hold a conversation (difficult if your clients are from Tokyo), or get drunk on cocktails and dance the night away.

Other Ways to Keep Clients Entertained in Northampton
Not all clients want to go for a night out, so if they are suffering from jet lag or are just the quiet types, leave them alone to enjoy a peaceful evening in their serviced apartments with a bottle of wine and a DVD, and then take them out for a breakfast meeting the following morning instead.

Steven runs a successful business consultancy and he often has to entertain clients from overseas. He usually books serviced apartments if the client needs to stay overnight because they offer a higher degree of comfort and lots more amenities.

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