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How Does Cleansing Sponges Helps To Get A Healthy Facial Skin?

Are you tired of using a rotating brush that is too harsh for your skin? Those brush does have some […]

Are you tired of using a rotating brush that is too harsh for your skin? Those brush does have some benefits but not as much as the thing I am going to tell you. Embrace something new for the betterment of your skin from now. The cleansing sponge is popularly known as konjac sponge in Asian skincare regime. It is made from a vegetable named konjac. It is so mild to the skin but exfoliates skin. This squishy sponge takes away all the dirt from the skin. The konjac sponge is mainly originated from Japan. It is so trusted there for its mildness that they bathe newborn babies with it. Let’s answer some questions that might be in your mind right now about it.

What will this do to my skin?

There are so many Konjac sponge benefits to talk about. But first of all it is a gentle exfoliator to clean your skin. There are a lot of sponges that are infused with different ingredients for different skin concerns. There are charcoal, turmeric, green tea, bamboo charcoal and pink clay. These are for different skins.

It has an anti-bacterial property

If your skin is acne-prone, then opt for charcoal or bamboo charcoal. Those will control oil and sebum and has anti-bacterial property to fight against a pimple. Sensitive skin people should go for a pink clay mask. It is so gentle that it will not irritate your skin at all. Sensitive skin cannot bear any harsh chemical. If your cleanser is not the mildest, then the sponge will handle it.

More blood circulation to the face

Konjac sponge benefits the skin with ensuring more blood circulation to the face. It will protect your skin from aging earlier. Anti-oxidants from green tea konjac sponge stops inflammation. It helps to calm down acne and breakout. If you have clogged pores, this will unclog it. Pores will be able to breathe much after this.

No Skin congestion

Skin congestion happens because of a lack of exfoliation. You can get rid of this by using the sponge. But this is not enough for your exfoliation routine. Use another chemical exfoliator with this one for a better result.

How Do I use it?

  • When you first buy this soak it in water for 15 minutes. It will expand double of its normal size like a beauty blender. Use hot water for the soaking process but not the boiling water.
  • If you followed the soaking process, you do not have to soak it for 15 minutes before every wash. Just two minutes before is enough. Gently press the sponge for the water to go away. Then take your cleanser, and two-three drops of it will make a lot of leather.
  • Imagine small circular in your face and follow this to wash your skin. Concentrate on places where you have blackhead and whiteheads. It will clean your excess sebum, oil, and everything. Do not press too hard or it will not last long.

What is the best place to keep the konjac sponge?

Do not put it in the bathroom if your bathroom is humid. The worst place is to keep the sponge in your humid shower place. You can keep it in a box and store it in the refrigerator. It will make sure no “bacteria is there to harm your sponge. Also, it will last longer this way. Do not use it after you see that the sponge is not expanding after soaking. It will last 2 or three months at most. You should always make sure it does not get attacked by bacteria. Strain all the water from the sponge every time you use it. Then hang it.


We tried to break down everything about the cleansing sponge. A tiny little sponge will make your skin care regime easier. You can cleanse your skin without any cleanser with it. But for makeup and caked up face follow the double cleansing routine. These skin rituals from Asia can benefit your skin in the long run.


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