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How To Create A Great Blog

It happens often that if any blog is opened it either’s mislead the reader or contains poor content which make people feel bored while reading it. A blogger must know what the point of interest in the public’s view is and what type of content to put up so the readers would like to tread it again and again and spread it to their friends as well.

A good blog can be identified by the number of readers for it. So for making this to happen follow these following few success tips:
• Keep sidebars simple and avoid cluttering
• Use clear fonts with contrasting background
• Avoid the use of distracting features
• Use a catchy tagline to make easy for the reader
• Be focused to the point you are talking about
• Ensure blog’s speed

Keep sidebars simple and avoid cluttering

It has been viewed a lot of times that those who are writing blogs for the first time they try to create a smoother effect on it by loading the blog page with lots of ads and side bars where their blog looses its importance and people look to it the ads displayed on the sidebars. The blogger should maintain a theme where in which his sidebar should occupy either side of the page and the rest of the part is given to blog so that it may be easily viewed. Don’t put up lots of ads as it distracts the reader.

Use clear fonts with contrasting background

Fonts’ color must be contrasting to the color of its background. Don’t use light shades together or vice versa. The best shades are black with any of the light color background so the content can easily be viewed by the readers.

Avoid the use distracting features

Avoid using the features which creates some kind of distraction for the readers. Features like pop ups or some other windows or some toolbars might annoy your reader and he may leave your blog unread. So keep these things in fewer amounts so the reader may enjoy reading your blog.

Use a catchy tagline to make things easy for the reader

An attractive tagline and subheadings in the blog can make things easy for the reader as they can have an idea about the type of content present and whether it is what they are looking for or not. Use bullets to explain things specifically for your readers’ eyes.

Be focused on the point you are talking about

A blogger must know what and how to write. For example when you are trying to explain things regarding a lawn mower then explain its types, tips to use and other things. Don’t get deviated by discussing about other irrelevant things like types of plants and all. Explaining your point your idea in the right direction can make visitors your readers.

Ensure blog’s speed

While publishing the blog make it sure that the blog opens up quickly without making your reader wait for long as it annoys the reader a lot and he may go to some other page. Put less images and videos and use less advertisements because excess of this impose a load on your blog while opening.


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