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How To Create Social Sharing Landing Pages And Why It’s A Good Idea

If you are part of a website marketing team or involved in SEO then the chances are that you are sick of the sight of landing pages. Every single time a new promotion is offered a landing page has to be created to welcome the new traffic. With the right tools these are not difficult to build but they do become a little boring. However, landing pages are incredibly important and without them promotion is really a waste of time. So here is something to get you a bit more excited about landing pages. Imagine if you could get them to promote your offer as well as grab those all important contact details. If you create social sharing landing pages you can do just that.

The thing with social media is that, as Lily Allen might say, everyone’s at it. The visitors to your landing pages have a network of friends and associates that are unknown to you and if you can take advantage of them then, to keep the flowery Brit pop artist theme going, you’re onto a winner.

Create social sharing landing pages and when your visitors click the social media button your fabulous offers are beamed to everybody that is part of their circle, it’s like free advertising. Now let’s look at how to create social sharing landing pages.

Before we create social sharing landing pages it is important that we understand the difference between follow buttons and share buttons. Basically follow buttons help you build up a fan base of people who enjoy your content and for landing pages we are not interested in these. Share buttons, on the other hand, allow visitors that are happy with what they have received from your landing page to tell their friends about it. Now that’s just what we are talking about.

The 4 main social media sites that you should be concentrating on are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. These all have various buttons that can be used on your landing pages to allow your visitors to tell their friends all about it. Look for “Official Tweet”, “Tweet This Link”, “Facebook Like”, “Facebook Share This Link”, “LinkedIn Share”, “+1”, and, of course, “Google+ Share Link” buttons and add them to your landing pages and your ‘thank you’ pages.

Now when you add them to your ‘thank you’ pages you must remember to link them to your landing pages and not your ‘thank you’ pages, otherwise your new found visitors will get your offer without exchanging their details in return.

As far as the method of adding these wonderful buttons to create social sharing landing pages goes they each have different applications. The best, and easiest, way to place them on your landing page and ‘thank you’ page is to use a landing page tool. There are plenty of these around and the good ones will allow you to create social sharing landing pages with the minimum amount of fuss.

So there it is, landing pages that not only help your conversion rate but bring in new clients without the need for extra marketing. Your life just became considerably easier.

This article is contributed by @seo_pal. If you are interested about how this worked for us, visit our survey about social sharing landing pages on our website.

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