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How To Entertain Your Dogs And Cats

Many of us know the rules of basic care for our pets to thrive. Food, water, medical care, and lots […]

Many of us know the rules of basic care for our pets to thrive. Food, water, medical care, and lots of attention are no brainers.

Entertain Your Dogs And Cats

But dogs and cats need more than just the basic essentials to become happy, healthy animals.

Our pets need to be entertained. Most of the time, our pets sit at home while we are busy with our jobs and lives,

patiently waiting for us to return and care for them.

If our animals do not have sufficient entertainment,

they can easily turn to destructive activities such as shredding the screen doors and clawing furniture.

Active and engaged pets are happy pets. Here are five pointers to keep your pets happy.

1. Exercise:

Dogs have a ton of energy (especially puppies). Burning excess energy keeps your furry friend from going crazy.

Dogs need at least thirty minutes of moderately intense exercise twice per day.

This keeps their hearts and organs strong while contributing to a full life. Jogging, walking, and playing fetch are just three examples of exercises to do.

Just like dogs, cats need aerobic exercise too. Drag a mouse toy or ball of string around the house for your cat to chase and pounce on. Healthy activities make for long lives.

2. Tricks:

Teaching your pet a trick is a great way to expand his or her knowledge and abilities. It is also a great way to spend time and bond with you.

Cats, specifically, are incredibly fast learners and can learn to sit up, roll over, or even come when they are called. Learning is awesomely entertaining for animals.

3. Don’t Leave them without anything to do:

With full-time jobs, families, and endless errands to run, most of us are often are away from home.

It is imperative to leave your dog or cat with things to do, such as a favorite toy or bone.

This makes your pet into a more independent and self-sufficient creature.

4. Speaking of Toys:

There are millions of different toys for pets out there.

It is important to find out which ones hold your animal’s interest and which ones do not.

There are simple toys such as baseballs and string, which appeal to some, but there are also toys that are minor puzzles.

Trainers suggest giving your dog a bit of a mental challenge.An example of this type of toy is a toy with a treat inside.

When a certain action is conducted, the treat is exposed. As unique as our dogs and cats are, so are their preferences.

Make sure you know your pet so you can provide what they want and need.

5. Play Dates:

Assuming your pet is social, plan a play date with another dog or cat.

Pet play dates are excellent for them to get exercise and have a great time interacting with other animals.

Dogs, especially, hugely benefit from being around other dogs.

Follow these tricks to keep your pet’s minds and bodies strong. Happy training and entertaining!

Becca Eisenberg is an experienced animal trainer and animal lover. She currently works with pet services and helps a veterinarian in Mission Viejo.

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