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How To Get Your Company To Pay For Your Education

If you are looking to do a course in human resources then it can be an expensive thing to do. […]

If you are looking to do a course in human resources then it can be an expensive thing to do. However, it can be good to see whether your company will pay for it for you. You will need to persuade them to though.

 Find Out The Procedure

You will need to find out what the procedure is in your company for applying for funding for courses. You may have paperwork to complete or have to speak to a particular member of staff about it. Find out what this is, but before you go through with it, complete the other points on the list.

Talk It Over With Your Line Manager

Explain to your line manager what you want to do. Tell them the specific human resources course that you want to do and why. They will be able to let you know whether they think tat you have a chance of getting work to pay for it and give you any tips on how to get the funding.

 Put Forward A Good Case

You will need to put forward a good case. Make sure that you make it clear that you will work hard on the course and pass it. Explain how it will help your career and how it fits in with what you are currently doing.

 Sell The Benefits To Them

This is the most important thing to consider. You need to make sure that the company understands how you doing the course will benefit them. They will not want to pay for it unless they think that they will do well out of it. Show them how you have this knowledge will make you a more useful employee. Make sure that they do not get the impression that you will take your qualifications and then leave the company, so show them that you are committed.

So it is important to make sure that the company knows how the course will benefit them. Think through how you are going to put forward your case and discuss it with your line manager first. They will want to be informed that you may be taking time out to study but they may also be able to help you. Follow through the procedure for applying for funding and make sure that you stay positive and sell the idea the whole time. If they do not pay up to start with them see whether there is anything that you can do to change their mind. Apply again in the next financial year as it may be a funding issue rather than anything personal.

It will take quite a bit of time and effort to be able to organise a course. However, it can be worth it as a course can be expensive and if you have to pay for it yourself it will be a lot of money out of your pocket. You may need to wait longer to get the funding and this may delay you starting up the course, but it may be the only way that you can afford it.

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Kathryn Thorn is a librarian and advocate of continuous education. She writes for the local paper and has written a piece about Human Resources Courses.

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