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How to Increase The Value of a Rolex Watch Before Selling It

Rare Rolexes can sell for a huge sum of money. If a Rolex is decades old, it can be worth […]

rolex-datejustRare Rolexes can sell for a huge sum of money. If a Rolex is decades old, it can be worth more. Rolex also makes newer models but not as many in comparison. As many people are constantly looking to purchase a Rolex watch, this opportunity can be capitalised on where it can be sold for a lot of money. Although Rolexes can sell for thousands of pounds, every effort should be taken to increase it by more. When someone wants to sell a Rolex watch, here’s how they can better its value:

Obtain a Certificate of Authenticity

When a Rolex owner has a Certificate of Authenticity, it can be sold for a higher price. As a Certificate of Authenticity proves that a Rolex is genuine, it is worth more courtesy of this document. Consequently, it is in a Rolex owner’s best interests that they obtain a copy of a Certificate of Authenticity. By asking a jeweller or Rolex directly, this document can be reissued. When a Rolex watch is being sold, an owner can confirm that they have this document.

Find out its serial number

As with a Certificate of Authenticity, a Rolex owner should also find out what their serial number is. By stating a serial number when selling a Rolex watch, potential buyers can check it on Rolex’s website to see if it’s genuine. If a Rolex owner fails to include this information, the asking price probably won’t be met. Although a serial number is typically located under the 3 o’clock position, it can be situated elsewhere. By taking a Rolex watch to a jeweller, they can confirm what a serial number is. Therefore, when a Rolex watch is being sold, an exact serial number can be stated and not what its owner believes it to be.

Take photographs

Before selling a Rolex watch, photographs can be taken of it with a smartphone or a digital camera. When a Rolex watch is sold on an internet auction site, such as EBay, or a website that provides quotes, photographs can be uploaded. When photos are uploaded to a listing, there can be more interest in it. If sent to a website that provides a quote once a Rolex watch has been sent to them, photos can be attached as supporting documents. This is because photographs can confirm that its owner has provided accurate information about a Rolex watch. Before uploading photographs, they should be of vital areas i.e. its casing, serial number. If photographs are taken which don’t show key parts of a Rolex watch, an accurate quote probably won’t be given. By considering beforehand what to capture, the right photos will be taken.

Have a Rolex watch serviced

When the decision has been made to sell a Rolex watch, it should be serviced by an approved Rolex dealer. Identifying any faults, parts can be replaced with those that are officially accredited by Rolex. As the renowned watch manufacturer doesn’t use substandard materials for their parts, it won’t have to be serviced again for a long time.

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