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How To Keep The World From Stealing Your Great Idea

Consider all of the great inventions of the world, from the automobile to the personal computer to the toaster.  Have you ever wondered if the person given credit for those inventions was actually the person whose brain gave birth to the idea?

Maybe they just happened to share a college dorm room or sit at the same bar as a chatty Cathy that spilled the beans about their own idea, and they took the ball and ran with it.  How can you keep something like that from happening to you and your great idea?


Prepare for Release

Prepare before releasing the idea to the world.  Keep your mouth shut, first and foremost, and do your research.  Find out who need to talk to to bring your idea to the world as a reality.  Do a search online, and talk to professionals if you need to.  The key is to talk to anyone and everyone you need to to determine how to get it done, without actually revealing the idea.

This may be easier said than done, as there will be those who insist on knowing.  However, at this point you only need to know where to go with your idea to make it a reality.  You do not need anyone’s opinion on the idea itself, as excited as you may be about it.

Tread Carefully

Once you have the information you need and you have some options for where to take your idea, tread carefully.  When approaching a company or individual that you are hoping can help bring your idea to life, remember that you are not home free yet.  Check their reputation.

Research their recent innovations.  Can you find anything suspicious?  Put out feelers.  Is there anyone out there claiming they had an idea stolen from them by this company or individual?  Though there may be false claims, in this situation often where there is smoke there is fire.

Consider Legal Help

Legal counsel can make the whole process much simpler.  For this type of work, consider an intellectual property attorney.  New York is a great place to find one as it is teeming with people that have ideas, and this type of attorney can secure your idea from birth all the way through to actual physical reality.  The ideas of your mind are your property, and it is illegal to take the property of another.

An intellectual property attorney in New York or wherever you may be can help make sure this does not happen to you.  Since they are in the business, they may also be able to offer sound advice on the front end regarding where to take the idea to get it off the ground, saving you a lot of time, money, and worry in the long term. To find an intellectual property attorney in New York, click here.

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