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How To Liven Up Your Party

There are a multitude of accessories available to buy that will help make your party a memorable event. Depending on […]

There are a multitude of accessories available to buy that will help make your party a memorable event. Depending on what the celebration is for, you may find some products more enticing than others. Those of you who are planning on carrying the festivities into the night should consider investing in some fireworks, as these products are a great way to inject energy into the party and provide your guests with a visual spectacle.

Fireworks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, and offer buyers a range of visual and audio effects to choose from. Some remain on the ground and emit a shower of vibrant sparks, while others shoot off into the sky and explode with dazzling results.

You may feel a little confused as to which fireworks would best suit your party, but this post will explain what the different types of fireworks do.


Fireworks for Your Party

The size of the outdoor space that the fireworks will be let off in will influence what models you should buy. Some of the stationary types require a safety distance of at least 10 ft from any person or object, whereas the rockets only require a small patch grass for lift off. When browsing for fireworks consider your outdoor space and the guests that will be attending.


Rockets are possibly the most popular type of firework sold today, and they come in a variety of visual and audio effects. A rocket comprises of three sections; the head that contains the effect, the motor to which the fuse is connected, and the stick that keeps the rocket aimed upwards when it is being lit. Rocket effects only last a couple of seconds, but these fireworks will really wow your guests.

Roman Candles

Another extremely popular firework, the roman candle is a stationary firework that fires one or more coloured sparks around fifteen feet into the air. Roman candles are available to buy with a number of different effects options, and these include single shot, multi shot, barrages and candle racks.   You can also choose to buy a roman candle cake, which generally contains between 16 and 49 tubes. The cakes are great value for money and are very aesthetically pleasing.

Selection Boxes

If you’re on a budget and are looking to spend a minimum on entertainment but still wish to impress your guests then you should consider buying a fireworks selection box. The selection boxes come with an assortment of fireworks and are very good value for money. However, it should be noted that the products sold in selection boxes tend to be smaller than their individual counterparts, as the emphasis is on quantity rather than quality of effect.


As fireworks contain an explosive element, it’s extremely important that you follow the safety precautions outlined on the packaging of the product. Different fireworks require different safety measures, so always educate yourself before use. Never let a minor light a firework, and make sure pets are kept indoors.

Although many shops now stock fireworks for sale, I recommend that you buy from a licensed retailer such as Fireworks Crazy. This will guarantee that the products are of the highest standard, and will reduce any safety risks.

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