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How to Maintain a Good Nutrition for a Maximized Health

Many people often associate the concept of health and nutrition with weight loss plans and harsh diets. However, a diet and weight loss plan has only a small contribution on the true meaning of nutrition. Good nutrition according to Dr. Melanie Novak MD that involves eating a balanced diet, healthy foods, staying hydrated and taking the right food supplement is necessary. Weight loss is actually the side effect of maintaining a good health and nutrition.

Here are some of important guidelines on a good nutrition plan for people with different types of body mass.

1.      You can use multivitamins not to replace your food but as dietary supplement – Your body still needs whole food in order to obtain the maximum necessary nutritional value. Depending on your doctor’s recommendation a person is often allowed a single multivitamins a day.

2.      Eat healthy fats everyday – The best sources for healthy fats are nuts, olive oil, fish and seeds which need to be consumed daily for best results. You should avoid eating too much unhealthy fats found in hamburgers, onion rings and French fries.

3.      Include enough selenium in your diet – Selenium is a good antioxidant that contains anti-aging properties. It can help your body deal with radicals and serves as a great protection against the effects of the heat of the sun.

4.      Include nutritious vegetable soup in your meal – One of the best soups that you can make is the pumpkin soup. This tasty vegetable reduces a person’s risk to heart disease and cancer.

5.      Eat plenty of whole grains and fish – You can eat small meals a day and include most of the nutrients necessary for your body.

6.      Eliminate majority of sweetened drinks – It is easier to lose track of the soda you always consume everyday as soon as you learn how to drink water every time you are thirsty instead of sweetened or carbonated drinks.

7.      Reducing your sodium intake is also important in your nutritional plan – You can easily do this by avoiding junk foods and any food that contains high level of salt.

Sugar intake is one of the most important things that you have to watch to maintain a good nutrition. Many people thought that fruit juices are healthier than soda. However, this is not always the case because some of these juices especially those that were not extracted naturally may contain more sugar than what is found in sodas. You can substitute sugar with honey or artificial sweetener to cut down your sugar consumption. While many people understand that sugar is a great contributor of weight gain it is also helpful to know that it can also cause health problems.

Being aware of every food you eat and all the drinks you consume can help you track your sugar consumption, thus, making a big improvement in your health. The most effective way to improve your health is to maintain a good nutrition. Never forget to include fruits and vegetables in your cart when shopping. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of good nutrition. Eating several servings a day can help your body obtain the essential vitamins to function well.

Author bio:

Kelly Soares focuses her write-ups on the medical niche. She has been inspired by important people in the field like Dr. Melanie Novak MD.

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