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How To Raise Your Testosterone Levels

If you have been interested in fitness for a while and are in pretty good shape from eating right and […]


If you have been interested in fitness for a while and are in pretty good shape from eating right and working out, you may be looking for ways how to raise your testosterone levels. While some people aim for less than healthy ways such as through the use of steroids, there are many natural and healthy ways that you can boost your testosterone levels making you both healthier and in better shape.

What Is Testosterone?

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Before attempting to modify your body’s levels of testosterone, it is crucial to have a little bit of background knowledge on the subject. To begin with, you need to know what testosterone is. Testosterone is a naturally occurring chemical that all of our bodies produce. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female; you will still be making some of this chemical. It is primarily the male sex hormone, and men will see a much more substantial concentration of it in their bodies than a female will. Bodybuilders and other fitness minded people become concerned with increasing their testosterone because it is one of the hormones which regulate muscle growth. Increase testosterone will cause your body to show noticeable gains in muscle size. This is commonly exaggerated through the unhealthy use of steroids.

In addition to an increase in muscle size and growth, there are a number of other positive health benefits that this naturally occurring hormone causes in our bodies. Testosterone makes your body more active. It gives you more energy which allows you to feel healthier and less sluggish. In addition to powering our body, it also provides power to our brains allowing us to think more clearly and in depth. In turn this helps out concentration and ability to focus on and achieve specific mental goals. Increased testosterone has also increases our sex drive and has been shown through scientific studies to assist in the treatment of many cases of erectile dysfunction.

How is it Lowered?

Three of the most common things which lower our body’s testosterone production are a lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and smoking. Most of our testosterone is produced while we are inactive and sleeping. Those of us who find it difficult to get a full eight hours of sleep at night may notice substantially lower testosterone levels. This is evident through the lack of mental and physical energy that is common after not getting quite enough sleep. Eating unhealthily prevents your body from obtaining and absorbing all of the necessary nutrients that it needs to work at its full capacity and thus testosterone production is limited. Similarly, smoking introduces unhealthy chemicals into our bodies with will stop production and lower our testosterone levels.

How Can You Raise Your Levels?


There are many ways how to raise your testosterone levels in a healthy manner. The first and foremost (which is an all-around good tip to help raise your body’s overall health) is to ensure that you get a full eight hours of sleep at night. Since the majority of our testosterone is produced while we are sleeping, getting this solid, uninterrupted sleep will allow production to be at its max. Exercising daily with the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer will also cause our bodies to make more testosterone. When you exercise regularly it causes your metabolism to increase and helps our muscles grow. This tells our bodies to create more testosterone and can produce significantly (sometimes up to 50%) more.

There are many simple dietary modifications that you can make in order to maximize your testosterone production. While most fitness diets follow low-fat guidelines, having a good portion of health fat in your diet will greatly assist in your body absorbing more testosterone. Many animal proteins such as chicken and fish are also helpful sources of testosterone.

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