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How To Save Water In The Bathroom

As energy prices increase, and hosepipe bans become more common, many people will be looking for ways to reduce their […]

As energy prices increase, and hosepipe bans become more common, many people will be looking for ways to reduce their energy fees and water usage.   The bathroom is the first place you should start, as it is responsible for the most water wastage in each household and is also the cause for high energy bills.

Reducing water consumption will lead to a decrease in bills and there are plenty of ways to do this.    Simple things like reducing the time spent in the shower will have a small but noticeable effect, whereas installing devices such as low flow shower heads or faucet aerators will have a much bigger impact on your bills and water usage.

All of the following ideas are easy to put into action and homeowners interested in saving money should try to implement as many as possible.

Bathroom Water Saving Ideas

The easiest way to save money on household fees is to reduce the amount of energy we use and to employ devices that lessen our consumption. The bathroom is one of biggest users of water, and there are a number of things that can be done to minimise wastage.

Turn Off the Tapstap

Leaving a tap on while brushing your teeth can use up to ten litres of water per minute so it’s a good idea to instead fill a tumbler with water and leave the taps off.

Dripping taps can waste up to ninety litres of water a week, so make sure to fix these problems as soon as they happen. Remember to plug the sink if shaving or washing your face, and try to avoid leaving the taps running unnecessarily.

Shower Instead of Bathing

Every bath takes a minimum of one hundred litres to fill, whereas a shower can reduce this consumption of water by around 40%. The average thermostatic shower uses around nine litres of water a minute, and reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower by one minute can save thousands of litres of water a year.

Homeowners are advised to buy a shower timer so they can keep an eye on how long they spend cleaning.

Buy Water Reduction Shower Devices

shower headThere are a number of different products available to buy today that reduce the amount of water used when showering. These products maintain previous pressure levels and water spray flow, and are often very low priced.

Products such as low consumption shower heads and faucet aerators will greatly reduce water usage and energy bills.

It’s a good idea to look for water reduction devices made by specialist companies such as Agua Flux, as these are designed to be long lasting and extremely energy efficient.

Minimise Flushing

Older toilets use around twelve litres of water per flush, whereas newer models only use six litres. This is obviously a big difference, and homeowners with a bit more money to spend should seriously consider investing in a new toilet.

If searching for a new model then make sure to buy one that has dual flush capabilities.   Also avoid using the toilet as a waste bin, and instead buy a small bin with a lid.

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