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How To Shoot Great Landscape Portraits?

A quick search on the Internet can show you what high quality and captivating landscape portraits actually look like. These […]

A quick search on the Internet can show you what high quality and captivating landscape portraits actually look like. These kinds of portraits are not made easily as it often requires hours and days of hard work, planning, resources and implementation.

The below mentioned 8 tips can help you make your landscape pictures more amazing.

  • Wide Angle: It is important to have a top quality wide angle lens in your camera as only then you can think of capturing the best panoramic view. A picture like this allows the people to enjoy the vastness of scenery without any limitations. But it is always advisable to use moderately wide lens to get a good result; something too wide would produce unpleasant results.

Great Landscape Portraits

  • Black and White Panoramic Effects: Black and white panoramic photos leave a lasting impression and they are never out of the vogue. That being said you need a great photo stitching software like Panorama Maker to try unusual things with your panoramic shots. With sophisticated and effective software like Panorama Maker, you can even try your hands at 3D panorama photography. So, always make it a point to complement your digital camera and pictures with high-quality panorama software like ArcSoft Panorama Maker.
  • Avoid White Sky: There are days when blue skies are nowhere to be seen and you get tempted to catch the natural gray skies above you. But, you should know that this would force your camera’s metering system for overcompensating things, this will make your final picture much darker than it should actually be.

Amazing Landscape Pictures

  • Timing of Photo Shoot: Panoramic photoshoot is a matter of art, intelligence and technology. You should what would look good in a wide angle shot and this is why veteran photographers wait for the right seasons and time their panoramic photo shoot sessions accordingly.
  • Be Careful while Shooting: If you are keen on capturing only natural scenery while taking panoramic shots, make sure you spend few minutes to check if there are any man-made objects like poles or sheds that are obstructing the shot. If you don’t do so, it is quite possible that you would be spending hours together later on the editing table trying to get rid of that object while still retaining the beauty of your picture.
  • Scaling: This is basic but important, especially when you are taking a wide angle shot. Trying giving the depth to the shot you are about to take. Keep any object like a standing stick or anything similar in the foreground and scale your shot carefully. You can also use things like seashells or any piece of rock to get the depth right.
  • Understanding the Horizon: If you are taking a landscape picture you should understand that the horizon in front of your eyes is necessarily at your eye level all the time. Move the horizon down and then up to add that extra bit of drama in your picture.
  • Finding Right Patterns: This is again a matter of art as when you successfully find the right patterns you will be able to produce a very catchy and attractive panoramic photo. It is actually an art of finding the pattern in the randomness of the nature.

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