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HTC – The Facebook Phone has been Announced

The Ultimate Facebook phone 2013 has been a great year for Facebook and that is the reason why Facebook decided […]

The Ultimate Facebook phone

2013 has been a great year for Facebook and that is the reason why Facebook decided to release their Mobile Phone UI, known as the Facebook Home. In addition, they chose to release this UI on a specific phone that was manufactured by HTC. This specific phone is the HTC First which was recently announced by HTC and Facebook alike. The first version of the HTC First came with a built in Facebook Home application which is the reason why it is being known as the “ultimate Facebook phone”. Another reason for that is because the company itself state that it is made for social media alcoholics.

HTC facebook phone

Attractive features

The HTC First is built with typical HTC quality, that is to say it is very good. No specifications were revealed during the presentation. However, the specifications are available on the web.  There are not any surprises in the hardware as the HTC First is definitely a mid-range piece of hardware.  The HTC First features a 1280×720 4.3-inch display and the well rounded edges make the device fit very nicely in the hand.  Shape-wise, it is similar to the first generation of Apple’s iPhone.


Let’s talk about the specs. Well, in the hardware view of things, this phone is typical HTC with some advancement which means that it is flawless when all a person needs is a phone to browse the web on and use social media on. The processor is a 1.4 GHz, dual core processor from Snapdragon. This is indeed a good and a powerful processor, especially for a mid ranger like the HTC First. It also carries a 5MP camera which is typical HTC with LED flash. In addition, it also has a front facing or secondary camera which is VGA quality. Not too impressive but is indeed a handy feature.

Large Storage Space

When it comes to memory, this phone is jam packed, for a mid ranger that is. It carries 1 GB of RAM with 2.2 GBs of ROM and 16 GB built in. It also supports Micro SD memory cards. From the software side of things, an update looks unlikely but it is indeed impressive. It comes with typical Android 4.1 out of the box so it is indeed one of the best mid rangers HTC has ever manufactured. In addition, the increase of RAM from 786MB to a whole massive 1GB is also a great increment on the behalf of HTC.

Socialize Away

For people who are infatuated to Instagram, the HTC First has Instagram built in with a considerable amount of integration here and there. In addition, the upper layer of the phone that is Facebook Home tends to blend in with all the maps really easy and really simply which is the reason why it is such a great mid ranger. In addition, apart from Instagram, there are many more social media hubs that come built in to the HTC First with a considerable amount of integration too. This makes it easier for a person to make their decision whether or not to buy the HTC first or not.

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