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If Pets Are Family, Why Can’t They Eat Organic Too?

If what you eat makes you feel healthy, why shouldn’t your pets have the same opportunity?

In an article published by The New York Daily News, Queens, NY residents are purchasing more organic dog food for their furry friends instead of processed food.

Processed foods have been known to give humans difficulties with our health, but do we ever think about our pets?

Humans get sick and spend more time in the hospital than they do in the gym. Dogs are the same way.

A lot of the processed dog foods contain grains and fake meat products.

If your dog is often sick, it could be from the processed food.

Most people don’t realize how dog food can affect their dog.

Dogs can get diabetes like humans do and pregnant dogs need to eat well to produce healthy milk for their puppies.

These are just two examples of how dog nutrition can play a great roll in the continuation of life.

While organic food is expensive in general, if people spent a few more dollars on organic food for their dogs, they would save even more money on veterinarian visits.

We all want to save money, but what is more important—your wallet or your dog’s health?

Though I have never owned a dog (mostly because Mom would never let me get one),

they are still living beings that deserve the proper care.

Dogs are supposed to be like family right?

So would you feed your child the same processed garbage as you feed your dog? Probably not.

It all boils down to a matter of caring.

If you care, you will put in the extra effort to get the most out of that everlasting owner-pet friendship.

Give your pet a chance to live by supplying them with organic dog food. They will love you more than they do with their wet noses and playful nature.

Dogs need proper nutrition just like everyone else!

A great way to start would be to start preparing your own dog food and treats at home. Some pet shop owners offer organic dog biscuit-making classes.

You can also talk with your veterinarian to see what diet best suits your dog.

Dog food should be approved by the USDA, just like human food, and bare a label authenticating the organic certification.

Preparing or purchasing organic dog food might not be easy, but I believe this surge of organic dog food will prompt companies to take greater and more progressive steps toward the future of pet food.

Darold Bien-Aime is an social media intern at fishbat, an online marketing firm located in Bohemia, NY.

He is currently pursuing his BA in Professional Communications at Farmingdale State College. He has been featured on Soshable and aspires to be a revered television personality.

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