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Importance Of Colors In Web Page Design

Apart from creating a brand value of your company online colors help in conveying the right emotions, grab attention and […]

Apart from creating a brand value of your company online colors help in conveying the right emotions, grab attention and helps deliver the right hierarchy of the web page design elements. One just can’t simply put the yellow color in the banner and red in the button. There’s color psychology behind it.

Right colors in the right place in the web page design weighs on user engagement. The audience is susceptible to the colour grades on a subconscious level. A study suggests that 60% chance of acceptance or rejection depends on your choice of color grades on the website.

Importance Of Colors In Web Page Design

Factors on Which the Color Choice Depends

Target Audience

Your target audience is of utmost priority in business. Be it marketing strategy, product lineup or colour choice in your Web Page Design, the target audience has a lot of influence in web development services and digital marketing services.

The color combos for teens may not fare well with the elderly. The color palates that go well with elderly might not suit a baby product website. Even on teen focused websites, use of extremely bright colors can cause eye fatigue.

Product Line

A company website focusing on the eco-friendly solution is likely to have a green color in it. An NGO’s website on saving water will have blue shade. A chocolate company will have a chocolate brown color and gradient of their wrapper color on the website. Select the color palates that best match with your product line.

Text and Background

Black text on white background is the standard, but a few web development service providers have been seen doing experiments with it and choosing a different color in the Titles. By doing so, the content gets punched out of the website and grab user’s attention easily.

Prime Colour and Website genre that suit them Best

Red symbolizes energy, strength and sensuality. Websites of the entertainment, sports, food, healthcare, and emergency services genre are built with this colour theme.

Yellow symbolizes the emotions of confidence, optimism, and friendliness. Websites of NGOs, spreading happiness, and motivation genre are built with this colour theme.

Blue builds trust, intelligence, and promise. Websites of banks, government, high tech, legal, Web Development Services are built with this colour theme.

Orange builds security, comfort and fun. Websites of the automotive industry, Ecommerce, technology, childcare, and food are built with this colour theme.

Green brings refreshment, harmony and symbolizes environment. Websites of medicine, tourism, sciences, and nature are built with this colour theme.

Black brings our glamour, sophistication, and efficiency. Websites of jewelry businesses, fashion and cosmetics are built using this colour theme.

Ways in which Colour Influences your Web Page Design’s Outcomes

Placement and Contrast

Contrast is a way to differentiate two different elements by the variations of the colour. Two colors on the opposite of each other in the color wheel are picked for the best results. Contrast is used in text and background, button and the rest of the text. The color range directs the user eye to the most important element on the page, which in most of the cases is a CTA button.

User Interface Patterns

  • Buttons are brighter than the regular text
  • Breadcrumb navigation is gray
  • Social Media Icons get their parent Colors
  • Color changes at hover on the clickable items
  • Hyperlinked Text will be of different color

These are some of the basics that leave a big impact on the User Interface. This is a pattern that every web page design follows.

A/B Testing

A web page setting that has worked for your competitor might not work for you. A setting that worked for you a year ago might not be useful now. That’s why we do A/B testing. It is done to test out different elements with different colours and placements on a web page and see which one’s working for best results.

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