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Importance of VPN Remote Access for IT Businesses

What does a VPN basically do? A VPN is essentially an acronym which stands for Virtual Private Network, as its […]

What does a VPN basically do?

A VPN is essentially an acronym which stands for Virtual Private Network, as its name implies; the VPN is employed to create a network within an existing internet network, thus cancelling out any external influence from the likes of hackers, identity thieves, or computer virus in general. VPNs are available over a variety of platforms, and you can install them for use with your PCs, tablets, or even smart phones.

Admittedly, premium VPNs are rarely used by private users; they are mostly utilized by companies and big businesses. The reasons why VPNs are so popular among businesses is due to the following reasons.

VPN Remote Access for IT Businesses

Cost savings of VPNs beneficial for businesses:

VPNs can prove to be excellent money saving ventures for organizations for a number of reasons. The most important of which is that they eliminate the costs incurred while leasing long distance lines which connected different departments or indeed distant offices located in remote locations. The charges incurred through lease and the supported costs like phone charges, maintenance costs and time delays are also effectively eliminated through the use of VPN.

Network Scalability through VPNs:

The network as constructed through VPNs can prove to be immensely cost efficient in the long run because if you consider conventional wire connections; connecting 6 different branches of a company with each other would require 15 sets of identical lines. If say the company decides to expand its set up with a few more branches; the desired growth would cost exponentially more every time a new branch is added.

All these costs are eliminated by using VPNs, because all you really need to do is set up the VPN online; without any hardware connections between individual branches. This can be a massive cost benefit if you consider it being applied to an automotive company that needs to establish hundreds of dealerships throughout a province.

Secure Browsing:

The VPN also makes for secure web browsing too; you can even configure it to hide your identity. In this way you can keep all your personalized information like data and files related to your work safely away from prying eyes. This protects even such information as credit card numbers and details of professional transactions related to your company safe as well, even from other employees.

Excellent Speed for data sharing between distinct branches:

VPNs can also increase your internet’s bandwidth since they are used to connect two different branches via the intranet. This makes for speedy file sharing and downloading, you can send hundreds of megabytes of data over a VPN connection, and your counterpart will have downloaded it in a matter of seconds.

Employee Access to company’s Intranet:

This is another benefit; employees of a certain company can access their intranet based email clients through VPN connections. This is incredibly helpful if you are at a remote location and need to respond to a crucial email immediately from your office email ID.

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