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Improving Security In Your Home

Home security is increasingly important, with crime rates on the rise. Home invasions, robberies, and murders are on the rise […]

Home security is increasingly important, with crime rates on the rise. Home invasions, robberies, and murders are on the rise in all neighborhoods. How can you protect yourself, your family, and your property? Here are some ideas for improving security in your home.

Security Doors

It’s almost shocking to find out the number of people who have hollow core doors on the exterior of their homes. Hollow core doors are just that – they’re hollow. They consist of a sheet of 1/8 or 1/16 inch wood attached to a door-shaped frame.

Picture this – your arms are full of groceries, and you just barely get the door unlocked. It starts to swing shut before you can get in, and you kick it to keep it open. But, your foot knocks a hole in the door! That is a hollow core door. They are supposed to be used inside the home, on closets and interior rooms, but as a cost saving measure, some builders will use them as entry doors. Replace them with solid core doors, or even steel doors that are made to look like wood. Your home will be more secure.

Extra Locks

One of the best deterrents to intruders is the one-sided deadbolt. This should be one with a lever or toggle, so that you can easily release the deadbolt if you need to get out of the home in an emergency. However, there is no exterior access to this deadbolt, so the potential intruder doesn’t even know it’s there.

For security when you’re not at home, use key-entry deadbolts. A burglar might break out a side window and turn the lever to release a deadbolt if you’re not home, but if he reaches through and discovers the deadbolt is operated by a key, he’ll have to come up with another plan. This alone can dissuade further breaking attempts. Just don’t lock yourself in the house with a keyed entry deadbolt, because you may not be able to get out in an emergency.


Closed circuit television is an excellent way to keep yourself safe in your home, and it’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. The presence of cameras on property is an automatic deterrent to spur-of-the-moment crimes of opportunity, and the ability to monitor the perimeters of your home can give you great peace of mind.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be connected to cameras, alarms, lights, and just about anything else you wish. Some people express reluctance to use motion sensors because of the fear of false alarms. However, you can adjust the sensitivity of your detectors to respond to the size of the object that is moving.

For instance, a 10 pound cat may not set off your motion sensor, but a 150 pound person will. The sensor can trigger your camera and lights, providing an extra measure of security for your home.

Security for your home may be a matter of updating your hardware. Check your locks and door structures, and consider technology.

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Fred Burns has been a part of the security industry for many years, he has seen the need to protect property from theft and also protect yourself from any harm. Home security is now an important role in his life and he uses his experience gained through and training to benefit those in vunerable positions.

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