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Is Wooden Furniture Too Dated For Your Home?

For centuries, furniture could only be made out of wood. The art of crafting fine pieces was mastered by the […]

For centuries, furniture could only be made out of wood. The art of crafting fine pieces was mastered by the likes of the Goddard family, the Herter Brothers, and Duncan Phyfe. Each era of human civilization has its own style of art, music, and furnishings, exhibited by the craftsmanship of each generation.

The Space Age

Enter the space age, and we see things change. In the 1960, we started to see more and more furniture made out of non-natural materials. Steel, glass, chrome, wrought iron, plastic, and many other wonderful products were brought into the home. These items were melted, welded, soldiered, and pressed into the desired shape for furnishing our homes and offices. Some of these items have survived, as works of art.

Always In Style

However, there is nothing like a well-crafted piece of wooden furniture to bring a depth and warmth to your living or work area. Beautiful woods such as burl oak, tiger oak, maple, American mahogany (rare, now), and cherry bring a richness of color and pattern to your home. The richness of wood, and its organic nature, is always in style, and can bring a sense of permanence to the disposable furnishings that man manufactures.

Make It Work

So, how can you make wooden furniture work in your modern home? Often, we have furniture with sleek lines and no decoration, and inherit an ornate piece that just doesn’t fit in. What can you do with such a piece? It’s really not that hard. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look For Alternative Uses: You don’t always have to use a piece of furniture for its intended purpose. Did you inherit a tiger oak buffet from your grandmother? It doesn’t have to go in the dining room. Try it in the entryway, where it will greet your guests warmly, establishing a sense of grace.
  • Look For Usable Antiques: While you may have a modern home, a traditional “nook” can give your home or office a sense of grounding. Maybe you found a beautiful or historic desk, or couldn’t resist a Windsor chair. Create a space for these items so that you can use them comfortably. If an antique has lasted for 200 years, it can probably still be used.
  • Incoperate The Look: Don’t be afraid to use your modern artwork in conjunction with your wooden furniture. The birdseye maple chest will be just as stylish with chrome and glass accessories on the top. In fact, the juxtaposition of tones and textures is beautiful and effective, and usually recommended by professional decorators.

Exotic Woods

With the advancement in woodworking machinery, exotic woods are used more and more in furnishings. Ebony, Acacia, and Zebra wood are extremely hard, but lend themselves to striking modern furnishings. An item made from one of these exotic woods will truly make an impact on your home, updating rather than dating your décor.

The warmth and sophistication of an item of wood furniture can completely change the timbre of your home. Don’t be afraid to bring in a wooden item.

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