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Leaving Your Loved Ones at Home – Diamonds that Is

Jewelry is one of the most common items taken by thieves during a break-in. No matter how well you think […]

Jewelry is one of the most common items taken by thieves during a break-in. No matter how well you think your diamonds are hidden, chances are that burglars will be able to find them. In addition to being easy to steal, jewelry is also easy to sell, and can be difficult to recover. Rather than take chances with your valuable pieces, a better option would be to invest in a home jewelry safe.

A home jewelry safe differs from one used to store guns or other large items in that it has smaller drawers and compartments that are ideal for placing jewelry in. The exterior of the safe is typically made from heavy steel, while the inside is often made from wood. The drawers are typically felt lined just like a traditional jewelry box in order to keep your delicate pieces protected.


Industry Ratings
When choosing your safe, it’s important to think about the TL rating. This rating is the amount of time it would take a burglar to break into it when using everyday tools. The ratings for a home jewelry safe typically range from 15 to 30. You can also purchase a home safe that is rated TRTL-30, and this type resists break-in from tools as well as torches for up to 30 minutes.

The fire rating for your jewelry safe is also important, as many precious metals could melt when exposed to extreme heat. Most home jewelry safes have a fire rating that ranges from 30 minutes to one hour.  This is the amount of time the safe can burn while still providing protection for the contents inside. A 30-minute safe is usually sufficient if you are fairly close to a fire station, but if you’re some distance away, you may want to go with a 60-minute safe instead.


Your home jewelry safe should also provide protection against flooding. Models that have been tested for water-resistance will be duly marked with a label stating this. These safes are capable of being completely submerged in water for an extended period without that water leaking into the interior. A waterproof safe could be ideal if you plan to place it in a basement or if you live in an area that is prone to excessive flooding.

Storing Items and Safe Placement
In addition to protecting jewelry, you may want to consider placing other items in your safe. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure you purchase one that is large enough and has the right sized compartments for storing these items. This might not be a problem if you are storing important documents such as birth certificates or wills, but if you would like to put handguns inside, you may need one with slightly larger drawers.

After you’ve selected the right home jewelry safe, you’ll want to make sure you place it in the right area. The master bedroom is the place first visited by burglars, so if you want to avoid theft, you may want to place it elsewhere. A kitchen, living room or dining room could be an excellent choice for deterring robbers while also making your valuables easy to access when needed.

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