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Letting the Silence of Symbolism say “I Love You”

Most women love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, but you can make this gift even more special and thoughtful by […]

Most women love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, but you can make this gift even more special and thoughtful by addressing a deeper meaning as expressed through flora and fauna.  The Most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day have been, and continue to be, flowers. However, there are ways you can select and present your lady with a bouquet that will display a message of love that hasn’t been silently spoken for over 100 years. Read on to learn more.

Doing Away with Words

Though the Victorians were known for being vocal when it came to expressing their disgust that uncovered furniture legs reminded them of shameful sexuality, they were rather verbally silent when it came to expressing love, and other deep emotions on personal levels. Throughout Victorian art and literature, flowers were used as symbols to convey powerful emotions and desires. In some cases, certain use of flower symbolism caused outrage and uproar. In a painting titled Beata Beatrix by Pre-Raphaelite master Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a woman is posed with one hand open and one closed (a symbol of desire and renunciation) and a red dove is seen delivering a poppy (ecstasy, desire, sleep). When the painting was first unveiled, it caused such a sensational uproar (draw your own conclusions) that gentlemen had to escort their ladies out of the gallery. Now then, this article is not proposing that you offend your wife/girlfriend with a subtle arrangement of floral lashings, but this same principal can be used to express precise feelings of love, joy and commitment.

Ways to say it

When ordering a flower arrangement, be sure you are speaking the language of flowers to convey that special message. For example, if you want to propose marriage on Valentine’s Day, select an arrangement of red roses (love), myrtle (marriage), forget-me-not (true love) and blue violets (faithfulness). When presenting the bouquet be sure to explain what each flower symbolizes and your message will be clear and dear.
If you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day, consider an arrangement of morning glory (affection), pansies (thoughtfulness), and periwinkle (friendship). Such a bouquet will convey a sweet sentiment that isn’t too powerful in emotion, as a marriage proposal of a floral arrangement may be.

Speak Like Ophelia 

Perhaps you remember Shakespeare’s tragic heroine who handed out fennel, columbines and rue (wear yours with a difference, she said). Gertrude’s announcement of Ophelia’s death has been argued as one of the most poetic deaths in all of literary announcements. Upon her grave, Gertrude placed flowers and said, here are “sweets to the sweet”. The language of flowers is deeply rooted (pun intended) in symbolism both tragic and joyous. When carefully considering the precise message of love you wish to convey, find the flowers that speak your message from the heart and contact an online florist to help you structure the sweet thoughts that words alone simply can not speak.

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