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Main Advantages Of Wooden Garage Doors In The Home

Garage doors come in many materials but the most commonly found material is timber. Strong, durable and attractive, timber garage doors have various benefits when installed on your home. Here are some of the advantages of investing in wooden garage doors.

Garage doors can be made out of many materials including fibreglass and steel, but wooden garage doors are the most popular type found on homes. Wooden doors can be found in oak, cedar and various other types of wood and are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. They are also able to withstand varying weather conditions which make them ideal for outdoor garages. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of timber garage doors in more depth.

Ability to Customise

Designs in steel and fibreglass are usually manufactured in standard sizes meaning that you may be unable to find garage doors to fit your home. However, wooden garage doors can be customised and cut to a specific shape and size to order therefore you will definitely be able to have doors fitted no matter what size your garage is. You may have an arch at the garage doorway or you may have an uneven floor. Either way, wooden doors can be customised to fit even the most unusual shapes. Timber garage door prices can be found at our website and you can create the design and shape of your doors from scratch.

Strength and Durability

Denting can be a problem with steel doors but not with their wooden counterparts. If you have steel or aluminium garage doors they can dent easily especially in an area like the garden where your garage is usually situated. If you have children playing in the garden, they may be likely to dent your garage doors with their toys or football. You could also dent the doors yourself with your car. Wooden doors are tougher and they are able to withstand scratches and scrapes better than fibreglass designs. Arridge Garage Doors can provide you with oak or cedar garage doors as well as various other types of wood which are all designed to last the test of time.


Wooden doors can be made from oak, cedar and various other types of wood therefore they can be made to suit the type of home you live in. They can also be stained or painted depending on whether you have a contemporary home or a traditional home. Wood has the ability to blend into the look of your home whereas steel or fibreglass have a tendency to make the garage stand out. They also complement homes which have an exterior finish of natural materials like wood, logs or stone.

Overall, wooden garage doors are ideal for those who want strength, durability and doors which are pleasing to the eye. To browse a selection of wooden garage doors or to get timber garage door prices, just visit Arridge Garage Doors. You can also choose from a selection of steel and fibreglass doors as an alternative. Remember to keep your garage doors in good condition to make sure they last the test of time. Paint or varnish them to keep out moisture and prevent rot setting in. Avoid washing them with excessive amounts of water and repair any damage sooner rather than later.

Jennifer Morgan writes regularly for a series of home improvement websites and blogs. To browse a selection of wooden garage doors or to look at timber garage door prices visit Arridge Garage Doors.

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