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Mobile Application Development – Then, Now and Future

It was a decade before, that mobile phones were used only for calls and messages to communicate with friends and family. And now the trend has changed due to the rise of Smart phones, today mobile pones are not just used only for contacting people. The primary use of the hand held devices has been changed whereby the apps stored on the SD card and the hard drive are now used for the advanced features rather than the traditional one.

Lets have a looks bout the growth of mobile application development in the past few years and the expected future of it.

Past Days of Mobile Applications

It could be contended that the first-ever cellular telephone provisions were characteristics which were bunched into the configuration of a mechanism and accessible straight from the crate.

As the users of Smart phones have increased where the mobile devices have became more sophisticated, organizations have planned to add some extra features like games, in addition to the standalone features like messaging and call.

The invention of Snake game by Nokia has created a great impact in 1970’s and the developers followed suit, with more popular games like Tetris and Pong. This first Snake game has made a tremendous evolution and changed the use of mobile phones only from contact purposes.

It was not just diversions which offered managers of right on time mobile phones more access to their hand held devices. In spite of the fact that seen as being standard offers on versatile gadgets today, a telephone was seen as bleeding edge in the late 90s and early part of the new thousand years assuming that it came finish with a logbook and Polaroid.

And now, the birth of mobile internet.

Part of Mobile Apps in the Present Life

Former, the developers has faced many undesirable risks in trying to bring many advanced features in the hand held devices in order to not to lose the gadget power of the mobile devices.

The emergence of Wap – wireless application protocol and then with the rise of 2G, 3G, 4G

Wifi, the Smart phones users are afforded to access the internet in their phones without any difficulties.

With the huge impact of internet on mobile devices, the mobile OS owners like Apple, Android have created their own app stores in order to increase more customers and to retain their existing customers with them. The app stores leads them to get the applications on their phones with ease.

With the development of various apps and the advanced hard ware specifications on the Smart phones has pulled the customers toward them.

What’s Next in Mobile Application

With the leaps and bounds of mobile apps for the past few years, it is easy to predict, that there is only some ground-breaking moments are left to enter onti the industry.

So with this, the slow down will never come at any time in a short period. Hence Face book, the largest social network has introduced a app called Face book app where you can set the face book page as your screen page of your phone with the completion of photos of your’s and your friends.

When we think the future of mobile application from the developers view, has examined that the vision is multi formatting. With a survey of over 5,550 developers 8.35 percent of stats says that they are looking for an app which links your phone onto your television and 7.25 percent says they are playing to connect the phones with game consoles.

The future of Mobile Application Development looks more bright and it seems it doesn’t face any slow down in the past few years. If you’ve any other vision on mobile application development, please let me know by placing your comments.

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